Personal Readings From Julius 

They literally give you a new, impassioned lease on life and these are just a few of the ways you are helped:

  • Assistance on your Conscious journey.
  • Help identifying self sabotaging patterns.
  • Unleashing hidden issues or blindspots in your life.
  • Deepening the understanding of self and who you are.
  • Assist in you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Personal Readings with Julius are available in 30 and 60 minute sessions.  Personal readings are done over the phone and you may ask Julius about any topic you choose. You may ask for assistance with manifestation or relationship issues, about your personal conscious journey or any other topic.  Personal readings are one on one sessions.  Please do not ask Julius for investment advice.  

  • 1 – 30 minute Personal Reading with Julius – $250
  • 1 – 60 minute Personal Reading with Julius – $400

The readings are in-depth and for a 30 minute time frame you will be allowed 2-3 questions (or as each individual session allows). The reading sessions will provide a solid opportunity to shift and change areas of your life that have been the most difficult to resolve. Shortly after the reading, a recording of the session is available for download.

Please be aware that all personal readings are non-refundable.

If you have questions please contact [email protected].

 *NEW*   Ask Julius A Question

Submit a personal question to Julius.  This is for one question to Julius and you will receive their answer in a recorded message.  This is not a conversation with Julius where you are asking your question live.  Questions are submitted in written format and answered within one week.  (May be sooner depending on the number of requested answers and other scheduled commitments.) The length of the answers may vary. Usually the answer will be 5 to 10 minutes in length. Julius will speak as they are inspired to by tuning into your question and your energy.  Be assured that they will give you a thorough answer, regardless of the time it takes.

Instructions for Questions for Julius will be listed in detail on the product pdf.

As you create your question, set your intention for information that will assist you to move forward without any expectation or judgment of what that information might be.  Be open and willing to receive.

Please keep in mind that Julius does not give predictions.  Their invaluable wisdom and guidance will assist you to resolution by gaining clarity and expanded perspectives to your issue. They may also suggest certain specific practices and possibilities that lead you into more fulfilling, life-enhancing directions. Please do not ask for financial, investment or business advice.  Julius assists with the conscious journey and will not advise how to invest your money or what business decisions to make.  

If you have questions please contact [email protected].

Unlocking Cryptonic Vault Doors ~ Personal Energy Process

There are 7 levels of Consciousness for Humans to work through to Master Ascension and knowing of being Source through the Physical or Human Realms.

Each level of Consciousness has 7 sub degrees of thought limitation and action limitations and fears through limitedness and fears.
The Degrees and Levels of Consciousness have been locked down by energetic forces from both off planet beings as well as ill intended Human forces and organizations to keep you small and controllable.
Known commonly as “The Matrix” we now know these are multi-level multi-dimensional Quantum Vault Doors that have thought prisons and Conscious Locks for us.
Kasey, Channeling the Julius Collective, has the ability to unlock the Vault Doors and is doing this through energy processes and private sessions for you. Kasey uses her Theta brain state to access the visualizations of the Vault Doors. Then using energetic coding, light language and energetic connections directly with the beings who are your guardians, she can crack these combinations and open these doors. This then releases the attached energy within the door that has blocked you, trapped you, and harmed you for so long.
As she opens up the Access corridor between you and her, the Vault Doors appear and she begins her work.  When the doors open, another moves forward for her to begin to work on.
You have at least 49 doors. Some people many more and in most cases more and more doors are being created in this timeline for us. Traumas, disease, chronic conditions, these things create doors with your own experiences that need to be opened and released.
Each individual private session will be about 45 minutes. Depending on your frequency, the unlocking begins and takes about 10 minutes or so per door. Depending also upon the time the door has been locked in place.  You can expect between 3-5 doors per session.
Unlocking these doors provides energetic release of trapped thoughts and emotions and limited realities you have carried from lifetime to lifetime.
As you work on creating changes in your life and in your endless lifetimes and timelines, your traps start to open.
Advanced progression can finally begin to be experienced for you, and these Vault doors can be opened and  removed for you.
We are so happy to be presenting these processes to you. We desire to assist you to be the best and highest version of yourself.
Pricing each individual session is $350.00
For package pricing, please use all sessions purchased within 30 or 60 days of purchase depending upon package.  One person only per session, sessions may be gifted to friends and family.
Package of 3 sessions $999.00 – Go here
Package of 10 sessions $3300.00 – Purchase 10 here
I’d like to share some positive feedback on my energy session with Julius.  I hadn’t considered myself lacking in physical or emotional comfort when I booked the session. I thought it would be more for my awareness and information. However, I noticed during the 48 hours following my session that I felt an effortless inner buoyancy to my emotions and well-being! I listened to the replay after that and felt the same inner peace continuing the next day!  I didn’t know I needed the fine-tuning until I got it, LOL!

Personal Coaching with Julius

NEW! Personal coaching packages from Julius

This is an incredible life-changing offer to assist you in this new quarter of this year to manifest and shift old paradigms of limitation, unleashing new creative and successful energies for your life.  Julius’ teachings are sought after, and to be offered this one-on-one experience at such an incredible price is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Imagine getting the perspective of the ascended masters group Julius to personally lend their help in your life? To be able to have access to higher and broader understanding and help release the programming of limitation that humanity has fallen under.

Remember Millionaires don’t use Channels, but Billionaires do!

Hi Kasey,Brad and Julius,
I’m so excited with all the teachings, clarifications and eye opening that I finally laid hands on through the material that I bought from Darius After listening to Julius during the call!!! I’m so grateful that you all are sharing it with us!!!!! Thank you so much!!!



Hi Kasey and Brad,
I’m fairly new to your teachings but I did buy the package from the New wealth revolution summit with Darius. I’ve been working with the blue body meditation to help me heal Lymes disease and it’s helped. I’ve done it about 6x’s now and I can definitely tell a difference so thank you for that package. Blessings to you and Julius



I bought your package through Darius. It is magical. Thank you.



Finally a teaching that rings tears of truth. I have been struggling my whole life to be understood and to be able to express who I believe I am. Julius speaks to me with a vibration that illuminates my soul. Thank you so very much for delivering this profound truth.

Arlene, Denver, CO

As an energy worker I thought I had experienced most of what is offered by other light workers out there. Kasey and Brad have been an experience like no-other. The powerful energy coming through Kasey is truly something to be experienced. I now feel even more of my own gifts unfolding.

Joshua H.

Never in my life have I received such life changing information from such amazing teachers. Thank you for showing the way to attaining such peerless enlightenment and for bringing such great truths of the Universal Cosmos down to the level of human understanding. Every class is like discovering a whole new world of endless possibilities. Your teachings have opened my eyes to the true meaning and purpose of life. But mostly, thank you for giving me what was missing in my life… the truth!

Linda Brennan, USA

I have never experienced anything like KaseyBrad before. Hearing such powerful information has truly changed my life. I cannot wait to spend more time in their energy.

Julie M.

I didn’t know why I was drawn to listen last night to Julius’ message, but what a life changing evening it was. Thank you Debbie (telesummit host) for hosting this incredible couple. Bringing their work forward can only help raise the vibration of this planet.

Roger, Atlanta, Georgia

Wow, I just wanted to thank you so much for such a brilliant class and I am spinning from all of the information that came through. I am finding the source power within to be so incredible that I feel joyous and excited about life and creating fun in everything that I do by just being aware. Bless you for teaching us how to raise our consciousness. Lots of Love.


Diana Irwin

The classes and the information given by Julius are truly empowering all of us lucky enough to be listening. Besides that, isn’t it amazing that each one of us – at soul level – has made this choice, at this time, to be present for the delivery of this knowledge.  All of us must be tuned in enough to be able to sense the energy that connects us, that IS us, and we are answering the call. That would include you, Kasey and Brad as the ‘instruments’ for communication with Julius,  along with each one who listens to these classes in this now or the next now! On behalf of everyone who hears you (if I may take the liberty of speaking on behalf of everyone) thank you for answering your call, so that we too can hear what we are meant to hear.


What I am hearing in these messages feels so familiar! Truthfully, it resonates so deeply, and at times I even remember experiences in this life which I now understand were a re-membering of my divine nature. It is so profound. I could give amazing examples, but I will refrain from doing that. In any case, let me simply say THANK  YOU to both of you and, of course to JULIUS.

Heidi Marie, Connecticut

I have been with Julius Brad and Kasy for quite a while. It never ceases to amaze me every time I listen as to the feeling of love, and the way they take a topic time and time again and explain it from a different angle helps me in my l life and experience it in a new exciting and expanded way. Thank you so, so much!


As for the teachings, I can’t get enough of them! (I’ve even been falling asleep to them these last couple of nights). It pulls so many other (yogic & other) teachings I’ve been privileged to receive into one more and more coherent whole that makes more and more sense, the more I listen and reflect.

The emphasis Julius places on creating understanding and awareness deeply resonates for me and appeals to my inquiring mind — I want to know how it all works because that helps me identify and deconstruct what my patterns of thinking and behaving have been, and where and how I have been locking myself into limitation and constriction.

Just listening to the transmissions gives me a sense of expansion, possibility, and excitement! The description of the Creative Process, being the inverse of the healing journey of Remembering ourselves, is a source of inspiration for me, offering guidance on my own path, as well as in my work with my yoga students and private clients.

With gratitude to all of you for making these teachings available.


Caroline, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for reminding me of who I Am. Thank You Brad and Kasey!!! Thank you…Thank you …Thank you.



Kasey and Brad present ideas on life essential to your contemporary spiritual understanding. You can discover your ability within to attain your life’s dreams. The unlimited power that lies within your thoughts and how you apply them to your life are paramount to their teachings.

Mary K.

I wish I knew a more gracious way to express my thankfulness for this opportunity to ask questions today. The words ‘Thank you’ sometimes don’t feel emotionally charged enough especially through email. Someday perhaps I will be able to shake your hands and offer a heartfelt hug. Thank you so much.


Robert, Canada

It was Sunday Morning, I was still in bed and just listened, with my body.  I heard the words, and more aware of what my body was experiencing.  I was vibrating at such a quick rate. My ears humming.  OMG. I got your package, how could I not. Julius is like a tuning fork for me. Thank you for letting me PLAY with you.


Sue Reed

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful energy and beautiful teachings to us. After last night’s call I was feeling so much better and have tons more energy today. I am even doing house work and dancing while doing it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Much Love and Gratitude.



Amazing and essential teachings from amazing, caring and brave people. Thank you so much!


Pierrette, Portland

I have just finished re-listening to the Seventh Seal Class & Questions. I felt compelled to send you this e-mail. My Soul is Honored & Expanded because you, Kasey & Brad, came to be humans, to bring Julius to us. (me) And all you were able to relay to us through these 8 sessions & I GOT IT! My human mind KNOWS & my human body FEELS the Expansion & I AM Grateful & so proud that because of your teaching, I have in turn helped the Masses of Beautiful Souls of my fellow Loved Ones to raise also! I AM so Blessed! You 3 were “my Runners” and I am so excited to continue with you through the “7 Seals Of Consciousness.” You full well know the “Thank You” I send to you with tears pouring, can never say what I will Eternally Feel. In The Lord God of My Beings service, I AM.


Connie Grounds

Dear Brad, Thank you so much for answering my question about The New Prosperity Class as I was in doubt about whether or not to purchase it seeing as I had already taken “Your Path to Prosperity” class and “The Advanced Prosperity” class. You were
so right none of your classes are ever the same! I just finished listening to the Second Module and all I can say is WOW!! This class has been so Illuminating! It opens up a whole new perspective on prosperity along with new applications, which I can already feel them to be life changing. I’m so excited ….. I can’t wait to use them! Thank you so much for being on this path, so that I can be on mine


Linda Brennan

Hello, I just wanted to thank Julius and you both for my personal reading. Being shown what has been behind my behaviour was so illuminating. It should have been apparent to me but I had not realised the depth of it and how close to self-destruct I had become. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me. I am calmer, I have had the best night’s sleep in a long, long time and my thinking has already become so much clearer. With this broader perspective I intend to cross the bridge with grace and ease! With much appreciation and blessings.



Wow! I am extremely fortunate to have you all in my life. And I gladly accept your amazingly generous offer. More than anything else, I feel so blessed to have this incredible bond with you all. so I will take the prosperity package – I am now earning 100 times more than I was in Janaury (which was very little but who cares) so now I want to be totally self-sufficient and not have to borrow money for some of my needs. And all this would not have been possible without receiving the teachings because i had a lot of baggage surrounding money. My birthday is on the 12th of November, which is your 11th night to 12th morning. I am so excited already.



Hi Darius and the fabulous YouWealth team,
I have participated in KaseyBrad with Julius’ programs and only 3 statements “huh”, “hhmmm”, “oh”.
“Huh” – Such profound insight teachings that break the mind set monologued in religion, culture, family, whatever that has been trashed on mind.
“Hhmmm” – Applications that are applicable, “easy” well it is subjective.
“Oh” – How Julius ticks the ego off with love that I break off in laughter. All the silliness of chasing my own tail.
Plus so many wonderful things to say about them and 3 of it are:-
1) I am honoured, respected and dignified by Julius addressing me “Master”.
2) I love Kasey’s firm, strong voice giving fire power energy.
3) Kasey is a gorgeous gal.
Thank you for bringing KaseyBrad with Julius and all delightful Masters in your programs. Looking
forward to all uplifting vibrational programs.



Dearest Kasey and Brad,
OMG I LOOOOOOVE you!!!! I can’t begin to “thank you” for my session with you! It has changed my life forever. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to have a session because I wasn’t sure what I would ask. Source led me to sign up knowing that when the time came I would know what I wanted to have answered. As always Source was right!:) I needed clarification on some of the messages I was receiving from Source and you certainly did that for me not to mention even more. The session turned out to be more than I ever could have imagined. Not only were my messages cleared up but I also learned so much more about ME and so many things that I had no idea were going to be brought up. My session was on Friday and here it is Sunday and I am still sitting with it. I have been doing plenty of random weeping from this experience and not from a place of sadness but of a place of knowing. I have had plenty of AHA moments and I triumph from the unlimited possibilities that surround me! My friend said that my voice had changed and sounded so peaceful now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please continue bringing the light and knowing to all who desire it. You have not only helped me but changed my life FOREVER!!!! Words can’t do justice for my gratitude so I am sending my gratitude to you vibrationally!!



How blessed we are! Because of your courage, strength and wisdom, you are lighting the way for so many of us. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for bringing Julius forward and sharing all this insight, wisdom and knowledge. I can’t get enough and everything that is spoken of resonates so true and deeply within my soul. Thank you also, for not just sharing the information, but also “demonstrating” for the rest of us how to utilize all these tools to grow, expand, transform, enlighten and awaken. You both are truly wonderful and since I have discovered you, my life has transformed and I continue to expand in great delight and joy as I discover my self beyond this illusion.

Laura Kirk

I am writing for two reasons. First of all to Kasey, I want to express my deep gratitude for the time we spent together yesterday. What a Joy! I enjoyed chatting with you Kasey, and I LOVED my session with Julius. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with me. I received such confirmation – it is life changing for me. I send you so much love and gratitude!



Dear Kasey, Brad and Julius,
I just want to let you all know how appreciative we are of all that you do. We have studied with many teachers over the years and find that Julius’ philosophy is the closest we have come to hearing truth. After listening to the most recent Healing with the Blue Body my husband and I had lights going on! Could it be so simple we said? What a relief. Talk about ah ha moment after moment!! We were both in tears of Joy and excitement after listening. We know what to do. Now just do it in every created moment. Thank you again!


Beth and Hal Morgan

So much I resonate with Love the rottweiler story I have had the experience and adore rotties for several several years I now have a huge girl who is so compassionate and loving. Also loves kids. I also realize that I have no judgement about my injury and know that because of this and the energy of Julius it really is and has been an easy process to heal. I recently went to the emergency with my grand daughter whos experience was really quite the opposite She hurt her hand while taking a roping lesson She went in fear and I just had to hold compassion for her. I was hoping my experience of peace and non judgment would be an example but I think she just thought I was lucky or the conditions were different.Any way I just need to let her be where she is.

It really is a lonely world when we are considered so different while trying to expand and grow and get to another level of conciousness. I would like to have another reading. I’ll go to the website and get my coupon code much love


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