This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one question and answer session.

Knowing oneself and believing in your truth can come from two perspectives.
All things in physical experience can come from either an Altered Ego state or authentic Soul perspective.  
If you are only operating from your Altered ego, then all things reactive in your life is being true to your false nature.  If you have no self awareness, one could say you are true to yourself.
But your true Authentic self is your Soul.  And if you are not operating from this space then you are not being true to self.
Sound confusing? It can be. Come with Julius and see through the illusion and get into alignment with either your false nature or authentic state. 
And of course, Julius will discuss how to create changes and shifts in accordance with higher Consciousness.
In the first module, Julius gives sharp and detailed insights into the topic:
  • The authentic aspect of yourself
  • The drawbacks of being singular
  • The signs that you are not in alignment with who you are
  • Deep insights into narcissists in the present day
  • Your biggest blind spot
  • Innerstanding living from altered ego and the soul
  • The reassurance and guarantee of being Source
  • An illustrative example of altered ego in sentient beings, including animals
  • Important questions for implementing unity consciousness
  • A very interesting insight into pain and love
  • How to know whether you or others are in alignment with Source
  • The two major things that count in being aligned with Source
  • The only way to give love
  • How to know when someone is generous and loving to others but does not love themselves?
  • Important clarity on spiritual arrogance
  • Markers of health and wellness

Much more is revealed in the Q&A:

  • The blocks to knowing your authentic self
  • Your authentic nature explained
  • Multifaceted personalities of humans
  • What physical forms did we assume in the beginning?
  • The difficulty in breaking away from narcissists
  • Beautiful insights into honor and honoring self
  • How to attract the right life partner
  • Can you help a narcissist? How?
  • Handling the highs and lows in you
  • Innerstanding anxiety
  • Love and attachment
  • Help in dissolving your biggest blind spot
  • The clear difference between the ego and the altered ego
  • Guidance on detoxing yourself
  • First steps to get out of or recover from a narcissistic relationship
  • How to deal with narcissistic family members
  • How to be on the conscious journey with others attached to you
  • Guidance to practitioner on helping someone with narcissistic tendencies

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