Notes from Our Students 

How blessed we are! Because of your courage, strength and wisdom, you are lighting the way for so many of us. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for bringing Julius forward and sharing all this insight, wisdom and knowledge. I can’t get enough and everything that is spoken of resonates so true and deeply within my soul. Thank you also, for not just sharing the information, but also “demonstrating” for the rest of us how to utilize all these tools to grow, expand, transform, enlighten and awaken. You both are truly wonderful and since I have discovered you, my life has transformed and I continue to expand in great delight and joy as I discover my self beyond this illusion. ~ Laura Kirk

“Finally a teaching that rings tears of truth. I have been struggling my whole life to be understood and to be able to express who I believe I am. Julius speaks to me with a vibration that illuminates my soul. Thank you so very much for delivering this profound truth.” ~ Arlene  – Denver, CO

“As an energy worker I thought I had experienced most of what is offered by other light workers out there. Kasey and Brad have been an experience like no-other. The powerful energy coming through Kasey is truly something to be experienced. I now feel even more of my own gifts unfolding.” ~ Joshua H.

“Never in my life have I received such life changing information from such amazing teachers. Thank you for showing the way to attaining such peerless enlightenment and for bringing such great truths of the Universal Cosmos down to the level of human understanding. Every class is like discovering a whole new world of endless possibilities. Your teachings have opened my eyes to the true meaning and purpose of life. But mostly, thank you for giving me what was missing in my life… the truth!” ~ Linda Brennan – USA

“I have never experienced anything like KaseyBrad before. Hearing such powerful information has truly changed my life. I cannot wait to spend more time in their energy.” ~ Julie M.

“I didn’t know why I was drawn to listen last night to Julius’ message, but what a life changing evening it was. Thank you Debbie (telesummit host) for hosting this incredible couple. Bringing their work forward can only help raise the vibration of this planet.” ~ Roger – Atlanta, Georgia

“Kasey and Brad present ideas on life essential to your contemporary spiritual understanding. You can discover your ability within to attain your life’s dreams. The unlimited power that lies within your thoughts and how you apply them to your life are paramount to their teachings.” ~ Mary K.

“The classes and the information given by Julius are truly empowering all of us lucky enough to be listening. Besides that, isn’t it amazing that each one of us – at soul level – has made this choice, at this time, to be present for the delivery of this knowledge.  All of us must be tuned in enough to be able to sense the energy that connects us, that IS us, and we are answering the call. That would include you, Kasey and Brad as the ‘instruments’ for communication with Julius,  along with each one who listens to these classes in this now or the next now! On behalf of everyone who hears you (if I may take the liberty of speaking on behalf of everyone) thank you for answering your call, so that we too can hear what we are meant to hear.”

What I am hearing in these messages feels so familiar! Truthfully, it resonates so deeply, and at times I even remember experiences in this life which I now understand were a re-membering of my divine nature. It is so profound. I could give amazing examples, but I will refrain from doing that. In any case, let me simply say THANK  YOU to both of you and, of course to JULIUS.” ~Heidi Marie,  Connecticut

“I have been with Julius Brad and Kasy for quite a while. It never ceases to amaze me every time I listen as to the feeling of love, and the way they take a topic time and time again and explain it from a different angle helps me in my l life and experience it in a new exciting and expanded way. Thank you so, so much!”  ~ Mikki

As for the teachings, I can’t get enough of them! (I’ve even been falling asleep to them these last couple of nights). It pulls so many other (yogic & other) teachings I’ve been privileged to receive into one more and more coherent whole that makes more and more sense, the more I listen and reflect.

The emphasis Julius places on creating understanding and awareness deeply resonates for me and appeals to my inquiring mind — I want to know how it all works because that helps me identify and deconstruct what my patterns of thinking and behaving have been, and where and how I have been locking myself into limitation and constriction.

Just listening to the transmissions gives me a sense of expansion, possibility, and excitement! The description of the Creative Process, being the inverse of the healing journey of Remembering ourselves, is a source of inspiration for me, offering guidance on my own path, as well as in my work with my yoga students and private clients.

With gratitude to all of you for making these teachings available. ~ Caroline, Alberta, Canada

“Thanks for reminding me of who I Am. Thank You Brad and Kasey!!! Thank you…Thank you …Thank you.” ~ Jennifer

“I wish I knew a more gracious way to express my thankfulness for this opportunity to ask questions today. The words ‘Thank you’ sometimes don’t feel emotionally charged enough especially through email. Someday perhaps I will be able to shake your hands and offer a heartfelt hug. Thank you so much.” ~Robert, Canada

“Wow, I just wanted to thank you so much for such a brilliant class and I am spinning from all of the information that came through. I am finding the source power within to be so incredible that I feel joyous and excited about life and creating fun in everything that I do by just being aware. Bless you for teaching us how to raise our consciousness. Lots of Love.” ~ Diana Irwin

“It was Sunday Morning, I was still in bed and just listened, with my body.  I heard the words, and more aware of what my body was experiencing.  I was vibrating at such a quick rate. My ears humming.  OMG. I got your package, how could I not. Julius is like a tuning fork for me. Thank you for letting me PLAY with you.” ~ Sue Reed

“Amazing and essential teachings from amazing, caring and brave people. Thank you so much!” ~ Pierrette – Portland

“I have just finished re-listening to the Seventh Seal Class & Questions. I felt compelled to send you this e-mail. My Soul is Honored & Expanded because you, Kasey & Brad, came to be humans, to bring Julius to us. (me) And all you were able to relay to us through these 8 sessions & I GOT IT! My human mind KNOWS & my human body FEELS the Expansion & I AM Grateful & so proud that because of your teaching, I have in turn helped the Masses of Beautiful Souls of my fellow Loved Ones to raise also! I AM so Blessed! You 3 were “my Runners” and I am so excited to continue with you through the “7 Seals Of Consciousness.” You full well know the “Thank You” I send to you with tears pouring, can never say what I will Eternally Feel. In The Lord God of My Beings service, I AM.” ~ Connie Grounds

“Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful energy and beautiful teachings to us. After last night’s call I was feeling so much better and have tons more energy today. I am even doing house work and dancing while doing it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Much Love and Gratitude.” ~Mikki