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“We want you to begin to understand how multi-faceted you are as a being.” ~ Julius

In our existence on this physical plane, we are the farthest away from knowing our multi-dimensional being, let alone knowing ourselves as Source. We have a physical body with its 5 senses, which usually function very well to make this earth plane real and tangible to us. But we very rarely use the senses of our soul to fathom the realities that exist around us, which may not be visible to our physical eyes.


There is so much more going on in all the seemingly empty space between us and the nearest wall – so many dimensions and realms, galaxies and beings. Do these totally fascinating existences have anything to do with us? Can we interact with the beings in other realms, dimensions and existences that we weren’t even aware of till now? Do we know many of them through our own existences in
these spaces? Are they our friends that come to us when we call them from this physical plane?

So many questions because there is so much we have forgotten about ourselves, our journey through consciousness and who we shared it with and where. As we grow, so does our longing to know more, to recollect, remember, to be and experience afresh from a new vantage, in our case – from the perspective
of having a human costume on earth.


It is a well-known fact that all higher knowledge, inspiration in arts, music and technology comes from other realms and dimensions. However, it is not that Nikolai Tesla, Einstein, Beethoven or Leonardo da Vinci were the favored ones. We are all favored, we have but to ask for inspiration and who knows which friend(s) from another existence will come along and give a huge, loving impetus to our creative flow and whatever else we seek.

To experience these spaces and places where we have been before is the start of an adventure that takes us closer to knowing ourselves as Source. It is the vastness and multiplicity of our being that astounds and elevates us. From this broader perspective, much of what we experience and face loses its angst, problems and issues don’t seem so huge, the challenges becomes the opportunity.
We no longer worry so much about survival because it came from a limited perspective and we see it for the illusion it is. Life is then lived from its fun, adventurous aspect that this earth is a playground we choose to play, experience and expand on.


When we truly get to know that there are so many other gazillion playgrounds that we are having adventures on, a sense of our eternal, infinite being pervades us. Can we ever die? Can we ever fail? Such things are impossible in the grand scheme of things or rather the creation that we have set up as stages for the pageant and the theatre to play its variables of song, dance and drama. Each of them in their nth expression adding to the expansion of Source.

We are the light that is the All. Perhaps it is time to know more deeply just what this means.

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