This is a 3 part workshop that will be offered in live & replay video as well as audio.

On your purchase receipt email you will find a PDF with access information for Zoom and Instant Teleseminar. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

This workshop is for everyone, and humanity’s desire and need to understand this topic.
This could shift everything in your life around yourself, relationships, and Joy possibilities.
In the first two modules, a most inspirational teaching on who we are and its opposite:
  • The first marker of the difference between love and fear
  • Aspects of fear in relationships
  • Understanding at a much deeper level who or what we are
  • A most eloquent description of our origins
  • What it is to be light
  • What explains pain in relationships
  • The authentic vibration of love
  • Insights into sacrifice, abuse etc. 
  • The huge inspirational space of true love
  • A deeply profound understanding about true love versus fear
  • The foundation of love is only created through……
  • The golden rule
  • The frequencies of all that is
  • Where to focus to embody authentic love
  • The problems in exchange of love
  • Most inspirational analogy of the buffalo in the storm
  • What happens in the experience of love
  • What we really get to work on for the 5th and 6th levels of consciousness
  • If you wish to change any relationship in your life……
  • Outcomes to your movement into higher vibration
  • The only way to heal any form of trauma
  • A huge aha moment about the brain
  • Dealing with the reaction of others around you
  • Understanding the complex concept of allowing
  • Compassion versus sympathy – definition and difference
  • All that accelerates your conscious journey
  • This is what to do if you wish to contribute to changing the world

A most interesting Q&A which takes the topic much further:

  • Ways to practice self-love as you go through your day
  • Blind spots to knowing you are Source
  • Fascinating insights into the reincarnation process and degrees of amnesia
  • When you make massive progress on your conscious journey
  • Free will in all creation, hive mentality
  • Inspirational words by a participant
  • A fantastic suggestion to distress
  • What is top priority when you are stressed and anxious
  • Superb guidance for a relationship that may be falling apart
  • Understanding love for pets as compared to love for humans
  • What “Love you” and “I love you” convey
  • Clarifying being selfish as opposed to loving oneself
  • Accelerating healing on the conscious journey
  • More details into the hyperconsciousness state
  • Final words of motivation and guidance from Julius
Foundation Workshops: