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Unless we are high consciousness beings, our DNA is imprinted with the limitations from traumas and disease, repeated patterns of fear and judgment that we have experienced through the ages. Imprints that have gone deep because they have been compounded lifetime after lifetime. It is not surprising that we have spent a huge number of lifetimes in similar restricted roles and states of being.
Till we come to a point when we want more. We look for it, seek guidance on how to move out of what has held us back for so long. When we are earnest, help comes in many ways and forms, which we accept and implement according to our perspective and level of understanding.
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Today, there is a growing movement to clear our DNA, to remove imprints we are not even aware exist, yet they hinder us from accepting the knowing that we are Source. Each cleansing and clearing action is a process. When we take on the task to elevate the resonance of our DNA to the highest possible level, which is what it was originally before fear set in, we are committing to reclaiming our magnificence in yet another powerful way that has been hidden from us through centuries of secretive sacred knowledge that only a few had access to.
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We are most excited to present cutting-edge information on how to do all of this through our workshop – How To Shift Out Of DNA Limitations. Julius opens the floodgates of hidden information on this exciting, fascinating and absolutely invaluable aspect of our being. We look forward to your participation in this revelation of high truths.
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