This was filmed in front of a live audience in Salt Lake City.
Product is about a 2.5 hour live interactive event with Julius and a live sound bath at the end.
Your Quantum field begins in your Super Consciousness state. This field is utilized by masters walking in physical to raise above the energies of the 3D and access and utilize this powerful force in their lives.
Whether you are struggling with money, health, or relationships, this energy is your natural resource for resolution.
If you are working on your Conscious journey, this field is your true point of accessing Source energies for guidance, understanding and expansion.
Julius will bring clarity and understanding to this energy. Where it sits; how to activate it; how and when to use it. And possibly even how to calibrate yourself within it.
Please join us for this powerful force of information. As we move into another year on this Earth ship let us continue to Master our awareness and our empowerment.
This lecture will be followed up with a stabilizing sound energy enhancement to your experience.
Module 1:
  • Ground-breaking insights into the high-frequency Super-Consciousness state
  • What it is like to be in this state on earth
  • The true answer to suffering
  • How to heal yourself without expectation
  • The limitations of true and right
  • How to get into this state for manifestation
  • The proper application of setting an intention
  • A beautiful and powerful practice for this quantum field
  • Manifesting financial abundance
  • Know more about the Etheric Template energy body
  • Clear understanding of the freedom of light
  • What you came here to do at this time
  • Insights into singular versus unity consciousness
  • One very powerful way to change things in your life
  • Two fundamental ways to process thought

Module 2:

  • The most effective way to send light to others
  • Insights into the very important topic of judgment
  • How to differentiate between judgment and truth
  • Effective way to align yourself as Source
  • The most fascinating truths about Super Consciousness space
  • Wonderful suggestions from participants to keep your frequency high
  • How to master this realm
  • Words of wisdom on fixing others
  • The truth about challenging situations these days
  • When you become the beacon in the room
  • Highly inspiring words from Julius in conclusion

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