The veils are lifting up on what was hidden; people, places, things are drifting away or suddenly out of your life. All of this leads to a deep and sometimes devastating sense of loss and unassuredness. Our toolbox needs to be renewed to face the new and walk in uncharted territory. The first step to it all is right here in this timely workshop by Julius – getting the bigger picture so the loss is not so shattering and allowing this information to set the high tone onwards.

In the first module, Julius goes into hidden and deep aspects of loss:

  • A beautiful analogy and inspiration of the buffalo
  • Understanding the deeper ramifications of loss on us
  • What to do and not do when facing loss
  • The choice of 2 positions for every experience
  • What loss shows us
  • How this empowers us to heal from loss
  • How we can lose more than the loss itself
  • Why something goes away from us
  • Sacrifice and bravery in the movement of consciousness
  • A beautiful and expressive metaphor of the rocket
  • The ultimate purpose of the soul
  • A most interesting insight about the current times (early 2024)
  • The opportunities inherent in loss
  • What to do while experiencing the loss

Deeper insights into the feeling of loss and related subjects in the Q&A:

  • A choice will be made and it will be clear to us
  • Light and dark in the levels of consciousness
  • Why is lying so much a part of us?
  • How to cope with losing a loved one in day-to-day life
  • How to deal with family members who blow hot or cold
  • A participant’s great way of coping with loss
  • The roles others play in our lives and why
  • Helping a second level being cope with loss
  • Jealousy and insecurity in case of cheating in a relationship
  • Do you tell a loved one that someone is cheating them?
  • Practicing unity consciousness
  • Defining loss and expansion of soul
  • Time-related issues
  • Julius’ encouraging words for these times

Foundation Workshops: