Looking For Your Tribe
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A great many people in the human race spend
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  • who will accept them as they
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  • will have no judgment about what they do
  • but enjoy the expression of their soul and creativity.

We decided to create this space for all who are seeking higher truths to be all that they wish to be and a tribe that totally supports their seeking and being.

  • No resentment or envy,
  • lack of understanding,
  • dismissal as unworthy

That’s what you experience as you join this academy of students who have their doubts and confusion, fun, love and laughter!

This space is where Julius gives you special attention and supports you every step of the way. When we have commitment and dedication towards our conscious journey, it is reciprocated by ascended masters who guide us and unconditionally love us through their absolute knowing that we are all One!

Julius Academy

There are 2 membership levels in Julius Academy:

Blue Academy

Julius Academy Blue Membership includes

  • the Blue and Gold Academy discussion where students can ask their questions about topics and experiences related to their conscious journey:
  • Brad’s library selection: (these are personal discussions between Brad and Julius that he records so he can re-listen and we share one of these with the academy each month);
  • and a monthly meditation just for academy members.
  • All this for $49 per month.

This is a great starter membership

Join now

Gold Academy

The gold academy is a great value for those who are serious about raising their consciousness and want to be more involved. It keeps people connected because there is something new almost every week to assist with staying focused on the conscious journey.

Gold membership includes:

  • the monthly live 2 part class
  • the monthly live 3 part class
  • a Q & A discussion with the Blue Academy where you can ask about different aspects of your conscious journey and things you are dealing with;
  • a 2 part advanced class just for the Gold Academy (one teaching and one Q & A – so a third class);
  • a monthly meditation just for academy members;
  • a clip out of Brad’s library (these are personal discussions between him and Julius that he records so he can re-listen and we share one of these with the academy each month);
  • a monthly intention from Julius;
  • and a tonic recipe.
  • All this for $175 per month.

The cost of the Gold Academy is just slightly more than the cost of the 2 live classes each month, and there is a lot of extra content for that additional amount.

Join now

There is no minimum membership duration, so you can cancel at any time.

Connect & Access a free audio download of “Soul vs. Spirit”, a Key Teaching of Julius …to help you transform/change.