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Through the ages, we have embraced our physicality. So much so that we have fine-tuned our bodies almost beyond recognition from what we once had as physical costumes. That’s the intention and attention we’ve paid to the physical aspect of ourselves, a result of having forgotten who we really are and our intoxicated belief that this realm is real and everything else is just so much fantasy.
At some point, our conscious journey turns into a conscious awareness journey. Earlier, we created our reality unaware that we were doing so. We did it with great gusto and confusion, using the fuel of fear in our thoughts and emotions to launch every moment of life. Then we heeded the urging of our soul to transcend fear when we began to recognize the havoc it was causing in our lives. We became aware that the path of love and joy could be our choice and so began our conscious awareness journey.
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As we gain in awareness, we make another shift – from knowing ourselves only as human to embracing the other non-physical aspects of ourselves. Each shift and transformation is exciting and fascinating, as we continually open our minds and hearts. The vistas that open up for us are vast and varied, almost incomprehensible initially. It takes a master teacher to unravel these mysteries for us and give us digestible bites that create resonance and remembrance within us.
In this moment of Now, we are indeed fortunate to have ascended masters, Julius, to guide us through such intricacies so we don’t lose the plot. We move forward with confidence and enthusiasm, knowing that each step is an opening gateway to more and more joy, to aligning and then being the expansiveness that is never-ending.
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One such teaching that promises to create within us the exhilaration and inspiration of being more is  – The Physical You Versus The Non-Physical You. It holds the power and energy to free us from old limiting paradigms and send us into soaring discovery of our non-physical being. How we balance the two in a physical plane of existence is another invaluable part of this teaching. These expansive revelations and their incorporation into our knowing lead to the freedom we once had and have longed for since!

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