Now you can submit a personal question to Julius.  This is for one question to Julius and you will receive their answer in a recorded message.  This is not a conversation with Julius where you are asking your question live.  Questions are submitted in written format and answered within one week.  (May be sooner depending on the number of requested answers and other scheduled commitments.) The length of the answers may vary. Usually the answer will be 5 to 10 minutes in length. Julius will speak as they are inspired to by tuning into your question and your energy.  Be assured that they will give you a thorough answer, regardless of the time it takes.

Please keep in mind that Julius does not give predictions, nor financial, investment or business advice.  Their invaluable wisdom and guidance will assist you to resolution by gaining clarity and expanded perspectives to your issue. They may also suggest certain specific practices and possibilities that lead you into more fulfilling, life-enhancing directions. 

Instructions for Questions for Julius are as follows and will be in the pdf you will receive after purchase of this product:

Submit to [email protected] the following items:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Question. This is a single question please. Not a question that has multiple parts to it. (Please be clear and concise in your question.)
  • Some background information – You may include any pertinent information about the topic of your question without giving too much detail. This information should help to clarify your question material. It is not required, but if you feel it is helpful, please include it.  

Suggestion: As you create your question, set your intention for information that will assist you to move forward without any expectation or judgment of what that information might be.  Be open and willing to receive.

Questions about this product? [email protected]