This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and 1 question and answer session.  This is an audio workshop.


Julius tells that perspective is everything in life. It has the power to change our experience of events, turbocharge our manifestation, take our health and wellness to new heights as well as our relationships and finances. It sounds easy, but it is unfinished inner work if we do not understand the finer nuances and hidden depths of all that perspective can be.

This teaching is a game-changer and will mark a significant milestone in your life as you implement its wisdom!!

Julius impresses on us the sheer importance of our perspective: 

  • What is reality and real for you
  • The way out of the reincarnation cycle
  • The repercussions of the monkey mind and programming
  • Two amazing ways to recognize who you are being
  • How to change the not-so-fulfilling parts of your life
  • A big Aha moment about your blind spot
  • This point of awareness leads you to freedom from fear
  • All that prevents this important awareness
  • How to improve disruptive interactions with others
  • An important practice in daily life
  • What signifies your growth and how to flow with it
  • How to know when people are not aware of the highest truth
  • Some fabulous, yet uncomfortable ways of identifying blind spots inside you
  • Why you may be attracting narcissists into your life
  • Another amazing technique to see yourself clearly
  • Julius’ definition of a conscious journey
  • One of the essentials of recognizing yourself
  • Insights into difficult times of our lives
  • A beneficial practice to shift a situation and recognize yourself
  • Recognizing and refining how you are feeling
  • Perhaps the only temporary solution to handling a difficult, painful situation
  • Why you could feel stuck on your conscious journey
  • Fabulous guidance for empaths
  • Primary blind spots and deep understanding of them
  • Insights into betrayal and you
  • A vital aspect of self-recognition
  • Value of recognizing where others are in their state of consciousness

This highly interesting Q&A went in many directions:

  • Guidance on tackling bullying
  • Subtler aspects of narcissism in us
  • A big Aha moment about narcissism
  • Fascinating insights into catching up with being Source
  • Innerstanding trauma
  • A wonderful practice to push ourselves into different ranges of emotions
  • Getting past the need to be right
  • The never-ending process of being an aware being
  • How to choose thoughts in the midst of programming
  • The invaluable new-thought game
  • Way to knowing oneself as Source
  • How to raise your vibration in a low-frequency situation
  • Being hurt in your pride – the solution
  • Forgiveness and getting total relief
  • Where does inner freedom lie?
  • What’s coming for us

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