This is a 5 part workshop for April.  There will be 4 teaching modules and one question and answer module where all participants can send in their questions about the teachings for Julius.

Live workshop is April 14 thru 17 and the Q & A is April 20, all at 6pm MT.  Replays are available immediately after the modules.

The Human physical experience is about you as Source energy knowing thought through the physical realm on the Earthship. You created dimensions and realms and platforms of different energies to be able to demonstrate many different ways to process thought and emotion.  

The Human experience once was not such a mystery. You originally did not reincarnate and go thru amnesia. You set up this stage to slow frequencies down to physical form then created a body to insert your Soul into so you could experience the physical demonstration through your sensory system.
You wanted to know yourself through many different perceptions, or stages of Consciousness. So you created this Earthship to allow the demonstration of different levels of Consciousness to know yourself in low vibration, medium vibration, and high vibration. These are known to Humans at the Levels of Consciousness.
Most don’t understand these levels. How they work and how and where you are on the scale. In order to truly be successful and progressive on your conscious journey you may want to know what that journey entails, and have some guidance on how to progress.
This workshop is the Human experience explained in details that will allow you to identify yourself, others you interact wit, and give specific explanations as to what each perspective provides for you and how to shift or up-level your Consciousness or thought perspective on your journey.
A vital teaching for everyone to finally understand the process and how to Master your journey.