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It wasn’t every day that Janice sat down to introspect, but when she did, she would become aware of situations, repeating trends, relationships that seemed to be stuck in just that little conflict that wouldn’t fall away or disappear, no matter how much she wished it would. Going through her journals of earlier years just deepened this awareness. There was no doubt that some things had changed, she was on a conscious journey. However, there were definitely some things that were lingering, not everything in her being was moving towards a happier state of being.
“The only way you heal something is to get past the judgment of it.”
~ Julius
Julius has long told us that if there is any lack, limitation, conflict or fear within us or in our life, it can be traced to judgment. They tell us repeatedly that the key to a happy fulfilling life and raising our consciousness is to eliminate judgment of all thought and of ourselves. A natural by-product of this is the falling away of all fear-based experiences.
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Janice has something in common with many others on their spiritual path – they are coming up against certain aspects of judgment repeatedly. Why? Because they aren’t aware of these aspects, hidden deep or perhaps not even considered judgment. This is a tough one for all who wish to move into higher consciousness or at the very least, hope to have happier lives.
“As you fully eliminate judgment from your perspective, you eliminate every form of limitation that previously you experienced in being physical beings.”
~ Julius
The solution to such an impasse lies in our class – The Judgment You Cannot See – in which Julius clarifies various aspects of judgment that we are prone to overlook or they just don’t figure in our consciousness as judgment. This is a high-voltage, indispensable teaching for all who wish to move forward and leave areas of stagnation behind.

It will bring joy as well as mastery to all who seek.

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