This is a 3 part workshop that will be offered in live & replay video as well as audio.

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This powerful 3-part class will go deep into the subject matter of high Consciousness.
Julius will explain the concept, the truths and the illusions of this topic.
If you are interested in understanding with clarity what Source energies and states of being are, this class is for you.
The physical experience can be such a challenge in stabilizing the practice of Unity Consciousness. Let Julius help you with this process.
Julius gives us powerful insights into what is unknown to us:
  • Singular or unity consciousness in the levels of consciousness
  • Insights into pure Source being
  • What is a soul?
  • Beautiful inputs on the space of unity consciousness
  • The levels of consciousness you can access upwards or downwards
  • The massive benefits of unified consciousness
  • Understanding thought possibility and variation in relation to yourself
  • The huge difference between hive mind and unity consciousness
  • A very important caveat in compassion
  • True understanding of non-judgment of all thought
  • The only space in which you access unity consciousness
  • The most important aspect of non-judgment of self
  • The experience of singular and separate
  • Processing your thoughts in singular being versus unified being
  • The perfect analogy of a batting cage with regard to manifestation
  • Another powerful avenue of being unified consciousness
  • Fabulous application to get into unified consciousness to solve an issue
  • An absolute fact about your empowerment

A most inspirational Q&A:

  • High-frequency perspective of low-frequency situations, thoughts, people
  • The practice of unified consciousness
  • The reaction of low-frequency beings to high-frequency beings
  • More insights into the singular and unified experience of Source
  • Factors that contribute to getting bumped into unified consciousness occasionally
  • One of the things that keeps us singular and separate and when it is removed
  • Guidance on being everything
  • The high-frequency way to process thought
  • More fascinating information about the brain and enlightenment
  • How to access higher frequency thoughts
  • The single powerful solution to stress, doubt, difficulties in life
Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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