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Weekend With Julius ~ Strengthening & Stabilizing Your Soul

October 7 & 8, 2023

Wind Chimes Farm in Central, Utah

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Weekend with Julius

Private Immersion & Integration with Julius

It’s like a 3 day personal reading at the retreat center…

Looking for that extraordinary experience with Julius?
We are now offering for a limited time and experience that no other practitioner will offer you.
What if you could be with Julius just for yourself. The opportunity to focus on your personal and private conscious journey.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have several days of just you and Julius to elevate you. Heal you, expand you…
We are excited to present this opportunity for you now.
That’s right a private 3 days with Julius.
Only you and no other distraction just think of what you could achieve.
Let us help you design your personal 3 day experience.
We will work with you for your focus and your energy.
This is a 3 private day immersion for you. Each day will consist of 7 hours with Julius. Meals and lodging are included.
Are you ready? Julius is..
Spaces are extremely limited! 

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No travel required.  Participate in a consciousness expanding retreat from the comfort of your home.

Connect & Access a free audio download of “Soul vs. Spirit”, a Key Teaching of Julius …to help you transform/change.