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In this powerful package Julius will reveal the secrets humans have struggled far too long to remember. 

Source energies are what you are, but do you truly understand that concept?

There are primary things that block this remembrance and Julius will supply you with such powerful information that it is sure to elevate you on your Consciousness. Which will remove obstacles that are holding you back in your energetic bodies.

We will be talking about self love and how to finally practice and know it. This discussion will also open up information on an exciting new energy process that unlocks cryptonic vaults embedded in your energetic fields. For the first time you will fully understand who you are and why you’re here. What has blocked you and what to finally do about it.

This package will give you the incredible priceless option of either a 15 minute private reading session with Julius. OR  a 15 minute Single Vault removal process

These experiences are globally sought after experiences and you are offered the chance to get a glimpse of what it is to activate your field to knowing yourself as Source.

The Secret Key to High Consciousness Package Details

Your package includes one mini session of your choice  – either a 15 minute personal reading with Julius, OR a 15 minute Unlocking Cryptonic Vault Session with Kasey & Julius.   

Personal readings are done over the phone and vault sessions are done using zoom.  Reading & vault sessions are for a one person only – a one on one session.  

Our calendar for appointments starts with availability in mid July.  The calendar fills quickly, so please schedule your appointments accordingly.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing our package. Packages are non refundable.

We ask that all sessions be used within 30 days of appointments being available.  In other words, we know that the calendar can fill up months ahead, so if availability starts in August, please schedule within 30 days of open availability.  Available days/times for this package are Tuesdays 9am – 5pm Eastern Time, Thursdays 9am – 4pm Eastern, Saturdays 9am – 5pm Eastern. 

Important: Please decide which session you would like before scheduling an appointment.  During scheduling, you will be asked to pick a location for your session.  Please pick:

  • The phone call if you would like a reading (we use Instant Teleseminar for readings and they also have international numbers and web call available),
  • Zoom if you would like a vault session.  It looks like this:

Your appointment will be set up based upon the location you choose.  You will receive the zoom link for your appointment from the calendar invite.  If you choose a reading, you will be send the connection information in an email from [email protected] 

Package Also Includes Downloadable Audios: 

What does self love look like parts 1 & 2  

One of the greatest movements we can ever make in any lifetime is the one into pure love of self. It is in this movement that large chunks of what we are not fall away, allowing more and more of our pure essence to emerge. It sounds simple, but as many of us discover,  it’s not easy. Self-love explained in such depth that you will be transformed!!


You are God in form     

A highly inspirational teaching with a double whammy impact because it resonates so deeply and stabilizes this profound truth more intensely within us. 



Heart Based Intentional Life Parts 1 & 2    

It is no coincidence that we are here on earth in this timeline. Keeping us on track with what we came to do is this brilliant teaching on what stands in our way and how to move past it with ease and confidence. Discover the deeper facets and layers of a heart-based intentional life and use the understanding gained to raise yourself into higher levels of consciousness.


The Frequencies of Love Parts 1 & 2    

This incredible teaching is designed to shift you from the limited state of being that we have been accustomed to for so long – that of being human – to taking firm steps into the expansive state of being Source. You discover key components of the massive difference, how to get there and stay calibrated in that state.

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Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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