This product is 2 video modules and 2 audio modules of the event.  It was filmed in front of a live audience.

The audio was damaged, so please watch the above clip of the event to make sure you are comfortable listening to the audio before purchasing.  There are no refunds on digital products, so please do not purchase if you find the audio too difficult to listen to.  The information is valuable if you can listen.

Love and attachment are two very different things. However, most humans have attachments far more often than real Love.  Julius will help to explain this concept to assist you in understanding your own relationships as well as your pain and suffering within them.

It is time for us all to raise our vibrations, understand love and expansiveness and finally be able to create and be a part of a real love relationship.  This  workshop will also help you identify your own current or past relationships, and how to shift and change them.

Module 1:

  • Breakthrough clarity about the altered ego
  • Definition of attachment at a deeper level
  • Fabulous information on the avatar we walk around in
  • Innerstanding the nuances of attachment
  • The difference between trauma and pain
  • The brilliant white room theory
  • Highlighting a profound blind spot in some relationships
  • How we play it safe on our conscious journey
  • Insights into the tangles of being a couple
  • Innerstanding artificial worth, trauma bonds
  • The difference between sympathy and compassion
  • Brief outline of the 7 levels of consciousness
  • The key to life, to higher consciousness
  • The creative process

Module 2:

  • The first few steps of moving from limitation to expansiveness
  • How to shift away from attachment
  • The cool journey that you undertake with its amazing rewards
  • The very first thing to do in order to love yourself
  • Who are you being
  • The reason why people do not move out of attachment
  • What will halt you on your conscious journey
  • Two ways the altered ego attacks you
  • Another exercise to remove attachment
  • The perspective that makes you ready for all situations in your life
  • The thing about shadow work and the solution to it
  • The fitting analogy of the cat and the box
  • A brief summary of all the steps that help you move from attachment to love
  • The connection between need and control
  • Loving words of inspiration and guidance from Julius for when you feel low
Foundation Workshops: