What Are You Worth?


Inner worthiness is that glue that keeps us together when those around us are doing their darnest to get us back into the fold of conformity and they don’t care what methods they use. Unfortunately, it’s not there when we first come out of the closet of hiding our spiritual leanings. It is something we gather and hold within from the harvest of our dedication to knowing ourselves as more than just the limited human beings we have been led to believe we are. Intrinsically tied to self-love and self-honour, inner worth is unassailable. Once anchored within [...]

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The Magical Art of Contemplation


When we lost the art of contemplation, we lost an essential part of our magic. It began at a fairly early age - quick, you’ve got to catch the bus, you’ve got to this to do or that, give me an answer quick etc. etc. And before you knew it, your contemplation of the tablespoon or the butterfly, your mother’s words or your own fantastic idea that had just popped up came to an end. The loss has affected us deeply. We are thought. When we do not take the time to nurture our love-based [...]

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Accelerated Vibrational Shifts Packages AKA Personal Coaching with Julius


NEW! Personal coaching packages from JuliusThis is an incredible life-changing offer to assist you in this new quarter of this year to manifest and shift old paradigms of limitation, unleashing new creative and successful energies for your life.  Julius' teachings are sought after, and to be offered this one-on-one experience at such an incredible price is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Imagine getting the perspective of the ascended masters group Julius to personally lend their help in your life? To be able to have access to higher and broader understanding and help release the programming of limitation that humanity has [...]

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The Potential and Possibility of Your Soul’s Desires


by Kasey & Brad Wallis  Do you understand your soul’s desires and wants? When your soul is full from a particular experience, the way that it moves itself into another experience is to create in you an overwhelming feeling of wanting to do something. That is your soul communicating to you that it’s time to move to another experience.   When you receive communication from your soul and move on to a new experience without pulling away and resisting, or without burying or tucking the desire away, it helps you move to the next experience more rapidly; allowing you the opportunity [...]

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Window of Opportunity


 There is something almost ominous about this whole ‘window of opportunity’ thing. What?? When did it open? Do I have time to jump in? Should I whizz through even if I’m not prepared? Is this opportunity what I really want and while I’m deciding that, is that window already swinging shut?So many questions and the fear that we’re running out of time. This may not be true for most blithe spirits, who just hum along and know that everything is just falling into place for them. However, for so many of us who have been waiting, waiting and waiting for things to change, it’s [...]

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5 Keys To Unlocking Your Authentic Self


By about now,  just about everybody and their uncle have been told that to be authentic is to be empowered and happy. It’s somewhat annoying to think that we have to be told that. For heavens sakes, that’s us. Or is it really? Perhaps the catch lies in not knowing how or what it means to be authentic. So, let’s step into authenticity with a bold flourish and wave in a magical, authentic in the moment of now.“Living authentically, master, will always bring you joy.” ~ JuliusDiscovery of selfA somewhat strange thing to say but it gets clearer when we realize [...]

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Sometimes you look out of your window and wonder if you will ever be something more.Sometimes you get so bogged down by the pain of having loved and lost.Sometimes you try and try and try to be what you think others want you to be but it is never good enough.Sometimes you just want the never-ending situation to end. When is it going to eeennnnndddd? Please!Sometimes you want to drop everything and leave. Go to another place and start anew, reinvent yourself, start new relationships. Or just let the quiet and peace of the place seep deep into your being.Sometimes you [...]


Questions… About Life & Creative Energy


Questions... About Life and Creative EnergyIt’s when you start on your conscious, awakened journey that they come flooding in. You had them before, but not with quite this intensity or this range. And each one builds on the earlier; each a stepping stone to the next, fitting in another intricate piece of the jigsaw puzzle we set ourselves. They are what led to our awakening, and they are our Questions.It was only when we started questioning ourselves, our lives or the ways of the world that we started the grand journey of awakening. It was only then that we realized that there could be more, and the [...]

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