This is a three part workshop with two teachings and one Q & A.

What if the human experience was never designed by you to be what it has become?
What if you never intended to be limited and to reincarnate?
What happened????
Do you understand what programming is and why it happened to you?
Do you even understand that you have been programmed????
How crazy can this subject get??? Well you’re about to find out.
Let’s define the Human experience and let’s see how open you can go with your minds. Perhaps in doing so we can break some of your programming and shift your human experience for you.
In the first module, Julius explains the depth and vastness of programming within us:
  • The only reason for programming and how it is done
  • The possibilities that open up for us when programming dissolves
  • How overt programming is applied
  • The effect of programming on us
  • Understanding the depths of programming in us
  • The primary programming
  • When this programming begins
  • A big Aha moment about genetic codes
  • The physical components of programming
  • Differentiating between programming and higher truths
  • A huge revelation about reincarnation
  • The truth about old writings, texts and books
  • Understanding the deep, underlying truth about a commodity-based world
  • Why did we create this earth?
  • Identifying programming through these words
  • Programs beyond thoughts
  • Another crucial byproduct of programming
  • All the things that keep us in low frequency
  • Startling last words on programming from every angle
  • The effective first step in deprogramming
  • A big obstacle to deprogramming to look out for
  • The quickest maneuver to get away from a program you become aware of
  • The single most powerful to dissolve all programming
  • A descriptive analogy of the spider web and deprogramming
  • How do you as Source approaches the human experience?
  • How to handle revelations on your conscious journey
  • A clear step-by-step approach for deprogramming
  • The big difference between programming 100 years ago and today’s programming
  • Stopping all the things that lead to programming
  • Clearing programming from your energy bodies

The Q&A takes the whole discussion to the next level:

  • How to get away from comfort eating
  • One of the best things to do when you recognize a program
  • Releasing a common program within programming
  • Interesting insights into the saturation of fear
  • A vital aspect of authenticity
  • Deprogramming or reprogramming?
  • Signs that you are knowing yourself as Source
  • The type of programming in the education system
  • Understanding compassion and empathy
  • Breaking the programming of what defines us
  • One great program-breaker
  • How you can glitch the programming system
  • The escape route out of the dense fog of nefarious programming
  • How to protect an infant from programming
  • Understanding programming through words and spelling
  • How not to add your energy to programming
  • The soul’s alternative to productivity
  • Programming in sports