This is a 3 part online live workshop on July 16, 17 & 19 at 4pm PT, 7pm ET.  The live workshop is thru zoom video and Instant Teleseminar for phone & web calls.  Replay available.  The 3rd part of this workshop is a Question & Answer session with Julius for live participants.

We often speak of speaking our truth and how it’s important along our conscious journey. But why is it important? And is there a difference between speaking from the Soul and speaking from the Altered Ego.  This is very important for everyone to understand and the true value of the application of this practice.  This course will also be an addition to you knowing more about practicing self love and what that means on your Conscious journey.  Julius will help you dive deeper into Self Love and understanding how to practice this vital practice to assist you along your journey.

In the first module, Julius reveals deep truths on speaking from the soul:

  • The devastating outcome of speaking from the altered ego
  • Knowing how to decipher where you are expressing yourself from
  • What is key to learning to speak your truth
  • The first actions of speaking your truth and the follow-on actions
  • What we were like when we first came to this physical plane
  • A unique definition of fear
  • A deep insight and solution for empaths
  • The question to ask yourself before any interaction and its guidelines
  • One of the challenges of speaking your truth
  • An aspect of self-expression that we don’t pay attention to
  • What it takes to shift out of the habit of the altered ego
  • Ways that keep you from knowing you are Source
  • The interesting truth about unconditional love and fear
  • The tightrope of where your truth is coming from
  • Some very interesting facts about kundalini energy
  • An astonishing truth about Christ consciousness
  • The art and importance of contemplation – 7 seconds
  • Other forms of soul expression
  • An Aha moment about being empathic
  • How to know when you’re expressing from your soul or the altered ego
  • One consequence and aspect of speaking your truth from the soul
  • How to start this practice of speaking from your soul
  • Insights into light languages
  • How to break fear-based programming
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