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Want you to know that the wins from the Hidden Judgement Codes Retreat just keep on coming….My compassion for others is through the roof and many old ‘wounds’ are gone for good !


Healing & Releasing Hidden Judgment Codes From Our Childhood

I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying this embodiment of virtual retreat. It is so amazing! I have  literally shifted my vibration this past weekend with the last activation for the fourth and fifth embodiment. I actually fell asleep during the live activation and did it a couple more times on Sunday and my body was actually vibrating. I loved the raindrops feeling them in my body! I had a deadline with my client on Monday so I had to get up at 3:30 in the morning to make sure I was able to complete everything on time. Normally I would have been so stressed and full of fear radiating through my body and my anxiety would have been through the roof. But not this time! I was so calm all through the day today and I met the deadline. I can’t thank you guys enough for this wonderful vibrational transcendance and feelings of love and joy that I am embracing right now.  Julius has the absolute best activations and meditations ever!

Love you guys!! ??

Seven Embodiments Virtual Retreat

I’ve been studying Julius’ teachings for several years now and this retreat has given me a vibrational lift that was unexpected! Thank you!..

Seven Embodiments Retreat

Loved the answer to my last question- On another note…..the gains from these two retreats have been phenomenal – Thank you so much !!! I feel like I have waited my whole life for these teachings to come !!!

Awaken Higher Patterns Virtual Retreat

This retreat has definitely shook up my energy which is a good thing. I have already started making numerous changes in my life with what I do, eat, speak or believe…How can I ever thank you for having this effect on me?!! I am sooo grateful!

Thriving Virtual Retreat

First of all please accept my gratitude for this wonderful retreat. I truly appreciate this fabulous initiative which I may be have been craving for as I have constantly thinking and preparing myself for taking my alter ego full on .I honestly accept you guys helped me right into my uncomfortable zone and how to move from there.

Awaken Higher Patterns

“I wanted to reach out because today’s activation was incredible. I immediately started crying as I was repeating the invocation and opening myself up to realize, ask and receive assistance. I feel instantly lighter, brighter and extremely  refreshed. I am going to be replaying they activation everyday ??? A big thank you to you and the entire Julius family. Loving the retreat and loving that I can take my time as I thrive and flow in the energy of releasing and receiving. So much ❤️”  – S.C.

Thriving Virtual Retreat