This is a 2 part online workshop thru zoom and Instant Teleseminar for phone & web calls.  Replays available.

Julius will provide incredible information on the brain and how the functions of the brain have been extremely limited for us. They will show us the difference of how the brain works in the lower levels of Consciousness versus the High levels of Consciousness.
Also amazing and powerful information on the real way the brain is supposed to work.
Groundbreaking, new information on the brain and its role in enlightenment in the first  module:
  • Huge Aha moments about artificially stimulating the brain
  • The unique actions of the pineal and pituitary glands and their disruption
  • The biggest block to the connection between these two glands
  • The part of the brain activated in lower levels of consciousness
  • Groundbreaking information about kundalini energy
  • What causes the kundalini energy to move
  • Incredible information on all that happens when the kundalini is activated
  • The real, unknown reason why we age
  • Activities that fire both hemispheres of the brain
  • A most interesting insight on joy
  • What does kundalini yoga do?
  • The brain and manifestation rate
  • What happens to the brain in the 5th and 6th level of consciousness
  • How to know thought or yourself
  • The importance of and how to stimulate your emotions
  • What trauma does to your brain, new insights
  • A sacred way that heals and fires the brain

Julius goes deeper into the fascinating aspects of this topic:

  • The fascinating mix of crystalline and plasmatic energy, white galaxy, crystals
  • The thoughts we process, what kundalini energy holds
  • Role of the rear cerebellum
  • What happens when new portions of the brain are activated
  • An evolved upbringing for children
  • Accepting and rejecting thought
  • More on kundalini energy and the white galaxy
  • Vital factors for brain function
  • Physical body and thought perception experiences
  • More groundbreaking information on our DNA strands
  • The difference between 2 types of joy
  • Foods for the brain and those that clog the brain
  • How emotions get transferred through the body
  • A fabulous, powerful brain activation for everyone
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