Personal readings with Julius are a life-changing experience! They literally give you a new, impassioned lease on life.

While all teachings and discussions of Julius lead to self-empowerment and knowing of your true self, there may be roadblocks or resistance to that state of being that are specific to you. You cannot identify the issues or you do not know how to resolve them.

Whatever may be your long-standing issues at the mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level, this is your unique opportunity to get that specific guidance and help and move rapidly into resolution.

These are just a few of the ways you are helped:

  • Identifying subconscious patterns from this and other lifetimes that are impacting you adversely.
  • Specific guidance and help in your closest relationships.
  • Getting explicit advice on manifesting your desires.

You can ask any question and it will be answered from that infinite depth of knowing, wisdom and love that is Julius. It may be the first time that you finally get the answers you have spent your life seeking. Please remember that personal readings are one-on-one conversations, not group sessions. Julius will not give you investment or business advice.

It is the absolutely priceless opportunity of a lifetime!

Personal Reading: 30 Minute Session

This reading includes the recording which is available for downloading shortly after the session. This is an in-depth session where you will be allowed 2-3 questions (as time allows) and will provide a solid opportunity to shift and change areas of your life that have been resistant till now. Guests have been able to truly create new realities from these sessions.

(Please note that this is a 30 min. session. Your questions will be answered in depth and depending on the complexity of the issues, you may get between 2-4 questions addressed.)

All personal readings are non-refundable.

*While we make every effort to record your full personal session with JULIUS, very occasionally there are technical issues and the session does not record. In this situation we are NOT able to re-do the reading. Where possible we recommend that you also record the session on your end if this is a concern.

My reading with Julius was so incredible! Never before have I had such a conversation ring true to me.  Such love, such kindness, words cannot express my gratitude.” ~ Sharon, California


After you purchase your reading, you will get an order confirmation email. Click your download link in that email to download the How To Schedule Instructions PDF. Or you can also visit the Expand With Julius home page and go down into the footer to click “My Orders”. Login is required and is your email and the password you created when first making purchase on this site.

If you have questions about this product, please contact [email protected]