NEW! Personal coaching packages from Julius

This is an incredible life-changing offer to assist you in this new quarter of this year to manifest and shift old paradigms of limitation, unleashing new creative and successful energies for your life.  Julius’ teachings are sought after, and to be offered this one-on-one experience at such an incredible price is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Imagine getting the perspective of the ascended masters group Julius to personally lend their help in your life? To be able to have access to higher and broader understanding and help release the programming of limitation that humanity has fallen under.

Remember Millionaires don’t use Channels, but Billionaires do!

Accelerated Vibrational Shifts Package 1 ~ Price $1,999.

Julius will assist you to shift your frequency, perspective and focus to create the life of your choosing.  This can tap into specifics such as relationships, health, finances and all aspects of the 3rd dimensional experience, but ultimately these things will naturally shift into a higher space as you raise your frequency.  

Package includes:

Personal one-on-one Channeled life coaching experience with Julius. In this 4 week package you will receive 4 1 hour channeled coaching sessions. One per week for 4 weeks. These private sessions will laser focus on:

  • Week 1 –  Your current vibrational perspective.
  • Week 2 – Beginning to shift your vibration and perspective and what to expect.
  • Week 3 – Disciplines to practice and stay on track.
  • Week 4 – Recognizing and Stabilizing your New Vibration.

Four email exchanges. One per week where you can send an email with 3 questions related to your issues and progress along the way. Julius will respond within 24 hours to bring even more support to your life and challenges.

Three recorded Meditations custom designed for you, sent out one per week for the first 3 weeks. These meditations are to be used twice daily during your month long coaching experience.

Two of Julius’ 2 part pre recorded teachings  of your choosing, related to your life, from the options provided. Once you register, you will be able to choose your workshops from a selected list of options.  Access information will then be sent to you.

Accelerated Vibrational Shifts Package 2 – $4,999.

Please have a favorite Crystal to bring into this experience for yourself.

Intensifying and Mastering your Conscious experience in your chosen area of your life. 

Julius will assist you to change your calibrated frequency, broaden your perspective and increase your awareness and focus to create the life of your choosing.  This can tap into specifics such as relationships, health, finances, personal empowerment and all aspects of the 3rd dimensional experience, but ultimately these things will naturally shift into a higher space as you raise your frequency.  Julius will work with you on these specific areas as you choose.  The inner work, connection to your soul and your authenticity and raising your consciousness, is the answer to everything in your life.  This is what sets coaching with Julius apart.  It’s assisting you to find the authentic YOU and move forward from that place.   

Five  Week coaching experience package includes:

Ten private Channeled coaching sessions: 2 per week.  Each designed to personally assist you in your chosen area of your life.  Julius will provide insight in these areas:

  • Week 1 – Recognizing your calibrated level of Consciousness. In Session 2 of this week,  how to begin to raise the vibration from where you are currently.
  • Week 2 – Steps to shift your frequency set points; how this affects your reality and begins the process of a new life for you. Session 2 will provide practises, disciplines and Julius will begin to send energies to you to stabilize your field.
  • Week 3 – Julius will activate and calibrate your Crystal to you and explain how to use the Crystal when creating new paradigms in your life for change.  Session 2 will explain how these energies affect your Crystalline energy fields in your DNA and Auric field.
  • Week 4 – Staying on track, getting bigger, and letting go of old energies and stagnant fields around you.  Session 2 Julius will work on your field, help you align your Soul and activate your highest vibrational fields.
  • Week 5 –  Stabilizing your new set point. Session 2 Julius will help you decide where to go from here and how to stay in creative flow for the future.

Ten email exchanges. 2 per week so you can ask (up to 3 for each exchang) questions and about concerns for the changes that are aligning and experiencing. Julius will respond within 24 hrs. to your emails.

Five recorded meditations. One per week for you to use daily to support the new energies you’re creating.

Choice of five – 2 part workshops of the list provided to deepen your level of awareness, align your Soul and help you to understand your direction and focus.

Coaching Agreement: 

Your package will provide links for you to schedule your sessions. It may be beneficial to schedule all your appointments at the time you purchase the package if you choose to have a regular day/time each week for the appointments.  Please choose a time that will be convenient for you to attend and will not need to be changed.  If an urgent matter arises, contact [email protected] as soon as possible.  If Kasey requires a change in the appointment time, we will work with you to make other arrangements.  All appointments are on a first come basis.  

Coaching packages are for one person working one-on-one with Julius for the duration of package sessions.

There are a limited number of clients that can go through coaching each month, so you may be put on a waiting list for the next month if the current month is filled.  You may email [email protected] to find out when we are available to start your coaching.  

Packages must be complete within the time frame agreed upon with a 4 week schedule or a 5 week schedule. If you miss scheduled sessions, you may forfeit those sessions.   

Neither Kasey nor Julius are certified in any medical, financial, psychological or other professional field.  All information shared is up to the client to discern for themselves.  Julius will offer suggestions and there is no guarantee of results.  It is up to the client to do the inner work and make the changes within themselves. 

When you purchase this product, you agree to the coaching agreement listed above and our Terms & Conditions.

I must say … the coaching sessions are such a GREAT opportunity to truly accelerate one’s own consciousness journey. What a wonderful experience with refined embrace and such precision. I truly enjoyed the one on one coaching with Julius. 
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