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Window of Opportunity


 There is something almost ominous about this whole ‘window of opportunity’ thing. What?? When did it open? Do I have time to jump in? Should I whizz through even if I’m not prepared? Is this opportunity what I really want and while I’m deciding that, is that window already swinging shut?So many questions and the fear that we’re running out of time. This may not be true for most blithe spirits, who just hum along and know that everything is just falling into place for them. However, for so many of us who have been waiting, waiting and waiting for things to change, it’s [...]

Window of Opportunity2022-12-01T12:43:09-07:00

5 Keys To Unlocking Your Authentic Self


By about now,  just about everybody and their uncle have been told that to be authentic is to be empowered and happy. It’s somewhat annoying to think that we have to be told that. For heavens sakes, that’s us. Or is it really? Perhaps the catch lies in not knowing how or what it means to be authentic. So, let’s step into authenticity with a bold flourish and wave in a magical, authentic in the moment of now.“Living authentically, master, will always bring you joy.” ~ JuliusDiscovery of selfA somewhat strange thing to say but it gets clearer when we realize [...]

5 Keys To Unlocking Your Authentic Self2021-04-03T12:02:10-06:00



Sometimes you look out of your window and wonder if you will ever be something more.Sometimes you get so bogged down by the pain of having loved and lost.Sometimes you try and try and try to be what you think others want you to be but it is never good enough.Sometimes you just want the never-ending situation to end. When is it going to eeennnnndddd? Please!Sometimes you want to drop everything and leave. Go to another place and start anew, reinvent yourself, start new relationships. Or just let the quiet and peace of the place seep deep into your being.Sometimes you [...]


Questions… About Life & Creative Energy


Questions... About Life and Creative EnergyIt’s when you start on your conscious, awakened journey that they come flooding in. You had them before, but not with quite this intensity or this range. And each one builds on the earlier; each a stepping stone to the next, fitting in another intricate piece of the jigsaw puzzle we set ourselves. They are what led to our awakening, and they are our Questions.It was only when we started questioning ourselves, our lives or the ways of the world that we started the grand journey of awakening. It was only then that we realized that there could be more, and the [...]

Questions… About Life & Creative Energy2021-03-16T11:40:04-06:00

How the 7 Levels of Consciousness Can Tell You Who You Are


What is Consciousness?  The term "consciousness" is frequently heard these days, with everyone from spiritual leaders to yoga teachers to healing practitioners talking about the need to "raise your consciousness." Do you even know what consciousness means?  YOU are the only one who can raise your consciousness – you can’t rely on anyone else to do that for you - it's your power! Consciousness is thought. It is the way you think. It is your vantage point. Your perspective. Everyone has consciousness. Everyone is made from consciousness. Everyone has low stages of consciousness and high stages of consciousness. These are [...]

How the 7 Levels of Consciousness Can Tell You Who You Are2021-02-01T13:00:54-07:00

Witness the Power of Manifestation


Keywords: Power of manifestation, positive manifestation  It has become a cliché that you attract what you feel; but it couldn't be more accurate. The attraction comes in the form of emotions, motivation, opportunities, and ideas instead of something superficial. What is the power of manifestation? How can something be manifested simply by the energies of our thoughts and emotions? The answer to that is that this holographic world reflects back to us what we are thinking and feeling. You have everything inside; let’s manifest greatness!  You may have heard about attracting things. You must have visualized them or written them down, [...]

Witness the Power of Manifestation2021-01-06T12:22:28-07:00

How Does Meditation Help Self-Healing?


Keywords: meditate healing, meditation retreat, self-healing Meditation is on the rise in recent years, and several people confirm its benefits for depression, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and other conditions. It’s apparent that meditate healing helps people cope up, but it has been known to cure specific ailments. Self-healing There are marvelously designed mechanisms in our body that function through self-healing abilities. Such mechanisms are equipped to keep us in tip-top shape on all fronts: ● fixing DNA ● killing harmful germs ● warding off infection ● eliminating toxins ● keeping cancer cells at bay ● and just keeping our bodies in optimal functionality [...]

How Does Meditation Help Self-Healing?2020-12-08T12:30:46-07:00

Is Sound Healing Therapy Worth Your Time?


Keywords: sound healing therapy, chakra energy healing Everything in the ginormous universe is vibrating at a frequency and emitting energy from the tallest building or mountain to the tiniest blade of grass to each and every cell in our body. Sound healing therapy is based on the concept that everything in the universe is vibrating at a unique frequency. Human bodies are rhythmic and harmonic, making sound healing a very effective therapy for human beings.  What are chakras?  All cells within the body vibrate at different frequencies, depending on their role in the body. It’s apparent that the specialized nature of [...]

Is Sound Healing Therapy Worth Your Time?2020-11-19T16:14:38-07:00

8 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want


Keywords: learn to manifest consciously, does meditation lead to enlightenment Your current reality is created by your own manifestation, including all the circumstances, possibilities and things that you might call coincidences. Even with trivial knowledge of manifestation, you must have observed some strange ‘intuition’ telling you to go for that new job, buy that dress or start learning something new. Similarly, when you wish to know how to manifest, you are seeking to rediscover your inborn ability to manifest consciously. It is this quest that has led you here! It may seem daunting, especially when everyone is either talking about it [...]

8 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want2020-11-19T17:00:34-07:00


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