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Witness the Power of Manifestation


Keywords: Power of manifestation, positive manifestation  It has become a cliché that you attract what you feel; but it couldn't be more accurate. The attraction comes in the form of emotions, motivation, opportunities, and ideas instead of something superficial. What is the power of manifestation? How can something be manifested simply by the energies of our thoughts and emotions? The answer to that is that this holographic world reflects back to us what we are thinking and feeling. You have everything inside; let’s manifest greatness!  You may have heard about attracting things. You must have visualized them or written them down, [...]

Witness the Power of Manifestation2021-01-06T12:22:28-07:00

How Does Meditation Help Self-Healing?


Keywords: meditate healing, meditation retreat, self-healing Meditation is on the rise in recent years, and several people confirm its benefits for depression, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and other conditions. It’s apparent that meditate healing helps people cope up, but it has been known to cure specific ailments. Self-healing There are marvelously designed mechanisms in our body that function through self-healing abilities. Such mechanisms are equipped to keep us in tip-top shape on all fronts: ● fixing DNA ● killing harmful germs ● warding off infection ● eliminating toxins ● keeping cancer cells at bay ● and just keeping our bodies in optimal functionality [...]

How Does Meditation Help Self-Healing?2020-12-08T12:30:46-07:00

Is Sound Healing Therapy Worth Your Time?


Keywords: sound healing therapy, chakra energy healing Everything in the ginormous universe is vibrating at a frequency and emitting energy from the tallest building or mountain to the tiniest blade of grass to each and every cell in our body. Sound healing therapy is based on the concept that everything in the universe is vibrating at a unique frequency. Human bodies are rhythmic and harmonic, making sound healing a very effective therapy for human beings.  What are chakras?  All cells within the body vibrate at different frequencies, depending on their role in the body. It’s apparent that the specialized nature of [...]

Is Sound Healing Therapy Worth Your Time?2020-11-19T16:14:38-07:00

8 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want


Keywords: learn to manifest consciously, does meditation lead to enlightenment Your current reality is created by your own manifestation, including all the circumstances, possibilities and things that you might call coincidences. Even with trivial knowledge of manifestation, you must have observed some strange ‘intuition’ telling you to go for that new job, buy that dress or start learning something new. Similarly, when you wish to know how to manifest, you are seeking to rediscover your inborn ability to manifest consciously. It is this quest that has led you here! It may seem daunting, especially when everyone is either talking about it [...]

8 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want2020-11-19T17:00:34-07:00

The Path of the Light Step!


Do You Ever Question Where Your Inspiration Comes From? When Cathy*, a medical student, would think of what line of medicine she would like to specialize in, she was for some inexplicable reason drawn to working in the field of spinal injuries or she got the strong urge to be a part of a disaster relief team. It was years later, when she managed to combine both in an interesting and rewarding career that she first got an inkling as to why she was drawn to these two fields. As she was sitting one day in her special space where she liked to spend some me-time [...]

The Path of the Light Step!2021-01-15T18:11:27-07:00

The Universe Validates


Am I Losing My Ability to Manifest? Janet* enjoyed the sense of power she experienced when she manifested what she desired once in a while. She did her meditations, her practices, went into all the techniques wholeheartedly and if sometimes things didn’t show up, she was still content. Till she noticed that in recent times, her ability to manifest more expansive things in her life was faltering. She had always felt that as she continued with her practices and well-defined patterns of how to manifest, she would have a better ‘success rate’ of manifestation. However, that was just not true, there were speed bumps that refused to go [...]

The Universe Validates2021-01-15T18:12:48-07:00

The Barrier We’re Not Aware Of


It wasn’t every day that Janice sat down to introspect, but when she did, she would become aware of situations, repeating trends, relationships that seemed to be stuck in just that little conflict that wouldn’t fall away or disappear, no matter how much she wished it would. Going through her journals of earlier years just deepened this awareness. There was no doubt that some things had changed, she was on a conscious journey. However, there were definitely some things that were lingering, not everything in her being was moving towards a happier state of being. “The [...]

The Barrier We’re Not Aware Of2021-01-15T18:25:32-07:00

Embrace. Unknown Facets Of Your Mighty Being


Through the ages, we have embraced our physicality. So much so that we have fine-tuned our bodies almost beyond recognition from what we once had as physical costumes. That’s the intention and attention we’ve paid to the physical aspect of ourselves, a result of having forgotten who we really are and our intoxicated belief that this realm is real and everything else is just so much fantasy. At some point, our conscious journey turns into a conscious awareness journey. Earlier, we created our reality unaware that we were doing so. We did it with great gusto and confusion, using [...]

Embrace. Unknown Facets Of Your Mighty Being2021-01-19T18:58:32-07:00
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