Weekend With Julius

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Weekend with Julius

Marinate, Assimilate, Calibrate with the 3 Full Moon, Autumnal Equinox Cycle

September 28 and 29, 2019

Julius speaks about the incredible energy ribbon that is being created during this time.  We have a 68 day period to take advantage of these incredible energy forces.

Join Kasey, Brad and Julius for a 2 day mini-retreat where Julius will utilize the powers of Sound Frequency, Crystal energies and the Lunar and Earth energies to shift and stabilize your whole energy field to be able to catch a ride on this new ribbon.

This new energy ribbon will provide an elevated state of being to help navigate your course of change for your life.

Here is our 2-day calendar of possibilities:

Saturday September 28

Opening Ceremony

Calibrating your energies and frequency for the weekend

Crystal Activation and Alignment

Bring your favorite crystals and stones and let Julius align and activate the energies for you to use throughout the workshop and at home

Lunch Break

Deep Cleanse

Clearing disruptive energy patterns

Intense Activation

Through the energy myriads in the body and brain

Calming Grounding Process

Dinner Break

Energy Ribbon Alignment

Ceremony under the stars; drums and crystals

Sunday September 29

Opening Energy Retrieval Ceremony

Discussion on nightly dream experiences

Manifestation Meditation – Creating Your New Life

Lunch Break

Discussion and Q & A

Dinner Break

Closing Ceremony

Sample meal plan:

Continental breakfast of oatmeal, smoothie, fruit, juice, and coffee

Lunch – sandwiches, fruit, chips

Dinner – pasta and salad