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Weekend with Julius ~ Winter Solstice

December 5 & 6, 2020

At this retreat Julius will provide a Master Series teaching on 
This is  the major component between low consciousness and high consciousness.  For humans it is what binds us in the reincarnation. Process and its what limits our realities.  It prevents continual Joy and mastery in healing.
Most humans know that they should not judge another but before any of that action takes place we have become programmed by our subconscious minds to judge certain thoughts.  Thoughts we don’t agree with, thoughts that are unfamiliar, thoughts that we don’t understand.  When we do this it sets the calibration for ongoing judgment in our experiences….
Julius will lecture each day to assist in transitioning into acceptance of thought and therefore break the bonds of Judgement in our lives.
In addition Julius will take us into the astral plane projection state to align ourselves and supercharge our energetic field to sustain this state.
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Words can’t even begin to express my gratitude and delight for this past weekend with Julius! 
It was so powerful, renewing, expansive, joyful and healing!
I want to thank you all for such a transformational experience!
Please share my love and gratitude with Kasey and Brad (and Julius of course!)
I looked up into the sky on Wednesday and saw this image.  
It brought me to tears and it inspired me to share my experience with you all. 
I know I didn’t share much about my experience to the group, but on the last day, as you know,
I was able to release some self-judgment and once I did that the universe opened up even more!
When Julius guided us through the last process to create the fourth ribbon, I heard them say that this ribbon will be reigned by love. 
When they said that, I thought I was going to fall off my chair!
As a child, I remember drawing pictures of what I imagined paradise to be like.
On my pictures, I often drew hearts falling from the sky and I titled the drawings “Let Love Reign”.
I have often referred to this drawing as I moved through life and I even considered using that as a name for a business. 
Creating this ribbon during our process was so profoundly moving and I can’t even begin to articulate the connection and power it had for me. 
I continue to visit and expand through all 4 ribbons and given the state of chaos we are currently experiencing, I am allowing love to reign over it all (as it probably always does ?)
I look forward to witnessing the miracles and magic that displays itself from the chaos into the expansion of deep love.
I can’t thank you enough! 
I was deeply moved, transformed and elevated into a higher state of love for self and for the all and I look forward to our next adventures!
Blessed be always@
much love, L

I have been coming to the Julius solstice retreats since they began last year. And they just keep getting better and better!! I don’t want to miss one!!! I feel so much love, joy and peace after having gone thru the retreat. And the amount of joy I felt after this last one is indescribable!! The meditations and activations are absolutely amazing!! I brought my 20 year old daughter, who has been experiencing depression, and she said she has finally felt like her old self again. She now values her conscious journey and loves meditating, and is actively doing some self care things that help her find her happy place! Yay!! What a great beginning to helping her find her happiness and joy in life! The energy, love and commitment that Kasey and Brad share with us is appreciated beyond what my words can express!!!!!


Here’s what I’ve noticed since the last WWJ. It’s been just under a week. I’ve been calm all week, even though I have more work than ever. I’m not at all stressed about it. I just work through my day and get as much done as possible. Nothing is stressing me – even the craziness going on in the world right now. And I’m sleeping really soundly. Feels great! Thank you for the great weekend!

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