This is a three part workshop with two teachings and one question & answer session.

Julius loves to work within the spaces of our imaginations and beyond.  This is a subject matter for those seeking an expansive subject, knowing it expands our brains and therefore our ability to break our own limited thought Matrices.
This subject will be fun, expansive, and full of possibilities as Julius will discuss what lies beyond our Galaxy , what this energy field is like and what level of Consciousness it takes to go there.
Do you desire deep topics and conversations? Then this will fulfill you and hopefully create Joy in the exchange.
Julius opens up our horizons with stunning insights and Aha moments:
  • Understanding inverted truths
  • The lies about the third dimensional realm reality
  • How subliminal programming has kept us small
  • The difference between dark and light galaxies
  • The stunning truth about the cone-shape of our eyes
  • The deeply limiting effects of being programmed to be in a dark galaxy
  • Is there empty space around you?
  • What works against unified consciousness
  • Where superiority thrives
  • The fantastic, magical possibilities that await us
  • The relief from pain and suffering in limiting relationships
  • Why we don’t have a wide range of emotions
  • An Aha moment about sound
  • When you are feeling low, sad, depressed, angry, guilty, do this….
  • What the conscious journey is all about
  • Insights into practicing unified consciousness
  • When we access the energies of the white galaxy
  • How manifestation occurs in the white galaxy
  • Where you get the cooperation of others in your plans
  • Fascinating information about black holes and their counterparts
  • Arterial corridors, what they are there for and who can go through them
  • The journey of consciousness in a white galaxy
  • What we are doing in a dark galaxy and a perfect example to demonstrate this

This Q&A addresses a multitude of questions from enthusiastic participants:

  • The properties of the dark and white galaxies
  • Who are you affecting when you wave your hands around?
  • What lifts the matrices on this world
  • Snapshots of thought
  • Manifestation at many levels
  • What lies beyond the curtain of thought
  • Technology in the white galaxy
  • Who is helping the White Hats from other worlds?
  • Different physical platforms, realms, dimensions in the white galaxy
  • What we have to look forward to when programming dissolves
  • Lifestyles in white and dark galaxies
  • Creating realities, raising frequencies in white galaxy and bringing those back to earth
  • Embodying the consciousness of the 6th level
  • Opening the third eye
  • Oppressive forces and knowing of Source
  • Fascinating information about coloration of galaxies and beyond
  • Unified and separate consciousness
  • When we will see other dimensional beings through our eyes
  • Why do red, yellow, blue matter travel through arterial corridors?
  • The understanding of everyone’s truth
  • Is there death and reincarnation in the fascinating white galaxy?
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