February Special

If spiritual fitness is your new mantra, 2019 is going to rock for you!


Julius Retreat

April 6 - 7, 2019


February Show

Saturday | February 16th, 2019 at 6 pm MST


February Live Meditation

Recognizing The Frequency of Your Body 2/16/19 at 12 pm MT


Navigating Time Dimensions

February 12th, 13th, & 15th

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Julius is a collective of high light energy beings dedicated to empowering humanity through teachings and philosophies that YOU are God and that You are the creative force of your reality. The key division between a low consciousness state and a High consciousness state is judgement. By mastering the components of judgement, you change your life and your experience. Through our programming, retreats, online courses,and personal readings, Julius will guide and support you in eliminating all judgement, resistances and lack in your life. This high wisdom and practical guidance is being made available to aid you in your journey to becoming a fully enlightened being.


~Kasey and Brad


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About Kasey and Brad



Theirs is a love story, an ethereal love story.


Though people who know Kasey and Brad Wallis will tell you that they really are just regular folks, they certainly are having an extraordinary life experience together. Prior to the events that will unfold before you, it is curious to note that Brad and Kasey were only acquainted casually…



Personal Readings



Get specific guidance for your health, creativity and power to manifest. You can ask any question and it will be answered from that infinite depth of knowing, wisdom and love that is Julius. It may be the first time that you finally get the answers you have spent your life seeking.




Kasey and Brad launch a new place for others to share and expand on consciousness in video.




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