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Hello everyone, we are excited to have you visit Julius. These teachings are the most cutting edge, informative directional guidance thru your Conscious expansion. This extraordinary information will change your life in ways that have yet to be measured by you.

Julius guides all of us into our FULL empowerment thru courses, workshops, retreats, and Academies. This is where you will find the answers to your limited issues, traumas, sufferings, and lack in your life. These teachings are clear, concise, tangible, and relevant to the human experience you are creating. Julius will present topics, give you applications, clearings, and support and you learn what growing your Consciousness exactly is and why we do it and need to do it. Come discover who you really are, what you were always meant to be, and contribute to the extraordinary taking place within you and thru you.

Let Julius unleash you…FINALLY!

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This is where the real transformational work get serious. These ongoing inspirational, challenging and results oriented teachings take place every month ongoing into your transformation. This is for you when your ready to get into dedicated work and accomplishments.

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This is where you begin if you have an emergency or need quick guidance on your path. This is also where you get to ask Julius direct questions related to your personal life and issues

We also offer Personal Light Coding Activation Sessions

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This is for the high Octane punch of Julius and the energy work of their Consciousness. Attending these retreats will super charge your journey and provide the much needed booster shot thru your limitations and expansions.

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Our Story

Brad and Kasey Wallis began their journey with Julius in this life thru a near death experience. In 2007 Brad was in a massive car accident that left him powerless and where he had the opportunity to re learn everything in this life. During his NDE he visited Julius and the transformational relationship began this time around. Upon Brads return to this realm and life Kasey was used by Julius to be the conduit for thier communications. Brad and Kasey turned thier lives upside down for the benefit of all of us by getting Julius out in front of millions. Thru Brads healing, there relationship grew into the unbreakable connection they have always had. Julius is now brought forth for you to listen to, be inspired and guided by and most of all to support the knowing that we are God fully empowered.

Even though I’ve been taking courses with you and Julius for years, I look forward to each new course you put out, and continue to get hugely valuable information from Julius!

The fact that you keep releasing new courses is so valuable in keeping me uplifted, focussed and on track in my conscious journey and with everything going on in the world right now. Sometimes, like in the free show, there’s just a seemingly insignificant thing that Julius says, that is exactly what I was needing to hear.

I’m also really loving the video recordings of the live workshops you’ve been offering recently. There’s something special about “live” energy that comes through, even when I’m not there in person.

Anyway, as Julius says, everything, including their teachings keeps expanding, and so I absolutely love and appreciate the new info they and you bring to us! Especially at this time on the planet, it really helps to have Julius’s perspective in, spite of the censorship ;)

I just  wanted you all to know how much what you put out is valued and appreciated!


I have taken many “Expand with Julius” online courses over the past couple of years because I love the wisdom, life coaching and mind adventures that are packed inside each one.  I’ve also had some extremely supportive personal readings with Julius.  As a result, I have become more open-minded, more intuitive, more spiritually aware and more empowered than I was before.  Joy and love pop up for no reason….And I make better choices…Thank you so much Julius, Brad and Kasey!!!


Julius, you are One of the MOST amazing, generous, insightful and empowering Light being EVER! Love you all Thank you


I have been coming to the Julius solstice retreats since they began last year.  And they just keep getting better and better!! I don’t want to miss one!!! I feel so much love, joy and peace after having gone thru the retreat.  And the amount of joy I felt after this last one is indescribable!!  The meditations and activations are absolutely amazing!!  I brought my 20 year old daughter, who has been experiencing depression, and she said she has finally felt like her old self again.  She now values her conscious journey and loves meditating, and is actively doing some self care things that help her find her happy place!  Yay!! What a great beginning to helping her find her happiness and joy in life!  The energy, love and commitment that Kasey and Brad share with us is appreciated beyond what my words can express!!!!!


Loved the answer to my last question- On another note…..the gains from these two retreats have been phenomenal – Thank you so much !!! I feel like I have waited my whole life for these teachings to come !!!


This retreat has definitely shook up my energy which is a good thing. I have already started making numerous changes in my life with what I do, eat, speak or believe…How can I ever thank you for having this effect on me?!! I am sooo grateful!


What a privilege to be with you as usual! LOVE AND BLESSINGS


First of all please accept my gratitude for this wonderful retreat. I truly appreciate this fabulous initiative which I may be have been craving for as I have constantly thinking and preparing myself for taking my alter ego full on .I honestly accept you guys helped me right into my uncomfortable zone and how to move from there.


Greetings Kasey, Brad and Julius! Your teachings over the past several years have been invaluable to me and my family. Whenever the illusion of this life becomes too irritating or overwhelming, I purposely listen to Julius to remind me of what’s real, and I regain perspective and lose the fear … or most of it ; ). Thank you so much

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This is our television network providing programming from extraordinary practitioners to help you on your journey. Along with Julius programming you will experience programming from the top energy, healing, transformational coaches and practitioners worldwide. This Television Network is growing at a rapid pace and we invite you to tune in and discover yourself and others on this path to Consciousness. Feel the excitement and enthusiasm of others as you experience these practitioners changing lives in front of your eyes. Tune in to this network to always feel supported and to find your Spiritual Tribe.

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