This powerful energy session will assist in the transformation and upgrading of your 7 energetic bodies. *
Humanity has been assaulted through low frequency designed to throw our energy bodies out of alignment. Leaving them vulnerable to energy parasites, spells, attachments, and imbalances. This causes our lives to be in chaos and dysfunction.
Are you feeling tired, depressed, and having a hard time focusing your thoughts?
Are you lacking in creativity, discipline, or are you overly compulsive?
Do you have an illness or chronic health condition or injury?
These are symptoms of energy bodies being out of order, smothered, blocked, and not functioning at all.
Depending upon your body and how out of alignment and blocked it is, more than one session may be needed for full clearing and alignment.  As with Chiropractic, several sessions may be desired for maximum results. Energy evaluation is a part of each session.

For an overview and understanding of your energy bodies and how they affect you, we suggest this 3 part workshop on the subject:

Are you a practitioner and not feeling completely on your game? Or are you wanting to elevate your energy field so your can assist others thru your work???
This session is for you!
We will have you connected to us thru zoom and you will be lying down in your home during this experience. Julius will read your field and work with sound frequencies to make needed adjustments. Light language and ancient tribal languages are used to recode and integrate and activate dormant energies in your field thru your DNA.
This powerful 45 minute session is not to be missed. Let’s enter into the next phase of your reality armed with your highest potential.
Sessions are also available in person for $350.  Please email [email protected] to set up in person sessions.


What an amazing experience!! I felt so much joy and clarity after this energy body clearing!! After going through this covid plandemic, I finally feel back to myself again … feeling more clear minded and upbeat!!!  I feel like my energy is back in alignment with who I truly am!!!  I can’t thank you enough for this magnificent clearing!!
I’d like to share some positive feedback on my energy session with Julius.  I hadn’t considered myself lacking in physical or emotional comfort when I booked the session. I thought it would be more for my awareness and information. However, I noticed during the 48 hours following my session that I felt an effortless inner buoyancy to my emotions and well-being! I listened to the replay after that and felt the same inner peace continuing the next day!  I didn’t know I needed the fine-tuning until I got it, LOL!