There are 7 levels of Consciousness for Humans to work through to Master Ascension and knowing of being Source through the Physical or Human Realms.

Each level of Consciousness has 7 sub degrees of thought limitation and action limitations and fears through limitedness and fears.
The Degrees and Levels of Consciousness have been locked down by energetic forces from both off planet beings as well as ill intended Human forces and organizations to keep you small and controllable.
Known commonly as “The Matrix” we now know these are multi-level multi-dimensional Quantum Vault Doors that have thought prisons and Conscious Locks for us.
Kasey, Channeling the Julius Collective, has the ability to unlock the Vault Doors and is doing this through energy processes and private sessions for you. Kasey uses her Theta brain state to access the visualizations of the Vault Doors. Then using energetic coding, light language and energetic connections directly with the beings who are your guardians, she can crack these combinations and open these doors. This then releases the attached energy within the door that has blocked you, trapped you, and harmed you for so long.
As she opens up the Access corridor between you and her, the Vault Doors appear and she begins her work.  When the doors open, another moves forward for her to begin to work on.
You have at least 49 doors. Some people many more and in most cases more and more doors are being created in this timeline for us. Traumas, disease, chronic conditions, these things create doors with your own experiences that need to be opened and released.
Each individual private session will be about 45 minutes. Depending on your frequency, the unlocking begins and takes about 10 minutes or so per door. Depending also upon the time the door has been locked in place.  You can expect between 3-5 doors per session.
Unlocking these doors provides energetic release of trapped thoughts and emotions and limited realities you have carried from lifetime to lifetime.
As you work on creating changes in your life and in your endless lifetimes and timelines, your traps start to open.
Advanced progression can finally begin to be experienced for you, and these Vault doors can be opened and  removed for you.
We are so happy to be presenting these processes to you. We desire to assist you to be the best and highest version of yourself.
Pricing each individual session is $350.00
For package pricing, please use all sessions purchased within 30 or 60 days of purchase depending upon package and calendar availability.  One person only per session, sessions may be gifted to friends and family.
Package of 3 sessions $999.00 – Go here
Package of 10 sessions $3300.00 – Purchase 10 here