This is a 2 part workshop that will be offered in live & replay video as well as audio.

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Every single human born into a community or society situation has been coded and programmed for attachment.
This is a truly disempowered state that leaches deeply into the programming of need for humanity.
Where and when did this first begin? Why and how do we face and deal with this program?
Come with Julius as they reveal shocking information about what has been done to you. Finally being able to come to understandable truths and gaining your empowerment back.
In the first module, Julius gives eye-opening truths attachment and how to get out of it:
  • What breaks the bonds that keep you from remembering that you are Source
  • What causes amnesia when you reincarnate
  • The implications of attachment in our world
  • The 2 primary fears of humanity
  • The greatest trauma we all experience
  • The massive effects of this trauma
  • The first action that shuts down the pineal and pituitary glands
  • When attachment issues begin
  • Eye-opening insights into circumcision and its hugely detrimental, hidden effects
  • A powerful process to heal attachment issues to do every day
  • The only way to heal trauma
  • One sure way to know you have attachment to a person, place or thing
The fantastic Q&A goes into various levels and directions of attachment and their resolution:
  • Insights into attachments from lifetimes and timelines
  • Attachments in physical and non-physical beings
  • Bypassing or covering up trauma
  • What trauma does to the brain
  • Losing and retrieving pieces of your soul
  • More suggestions for the energy process
  • How to begin with self-love
  • Trauma and a particular part of the physical body that reacts strongly
  • How to heal that part of the body
  • Why men get attached to women
  • The first step to resolving injuries 
  • Insights into attachment to money
  • Attachment in context of unity consciousness
  • Understanding the huge attachment to programming 
  • The individual choice of having partners and other relationships

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