This teaching will be unforgettable! It electrified and thoroughly engaged all the students who attended this teaching live. It is this great energy and this revealing of rare information that has so much to do with our conscious journey that you will take deep within you as you listen to this course. These teachings expand you and your mind, exhilarating and uplifting you at the same time. If you want to make great strides in moving into a  more steadfast state of love, this teaching will place you there.

Expansive journeys take us into our expansive selves. Thinking outside the box is an effective form of resolution. In our limited experiences, there are unlimited possibilities. Do we understand the possibilities of the realms and dimensions around us? Accessing the realities that go beyond our limited three-dimensional perception aids us in our knowing that we are Source. Learn how to see yourself reflected within the mirror consciousness of other realms. What’s it going to do for you? It’s going to awaken your soul, rejuvenate your body, connect you within so that you will no longer go without.

 Julius unleashes some deep, astounding, highly relevant information with great clarity:

  • Definitions of realm and dimension and where they exist on this earth.
  • The huge differences between dimensions and realms.
  • What the altered ego is attached to.
  • The intention of meditation.
  • What a vortex does.
  • Why there is confusion in channeled information.
  • How dimensions get converted into realms.
  • Where you easily access clarity of thought connected to love-based inspiration.
  • Realms and dimensions in meditation.
  • The play of these existences on manifestation.
  • Fascinating information and guidance for dreams.
  • The role aliens are playing on this plane.
  • How do you connect with these realm and dimensional energies?
  • How you get stuck in a certain energetic space.
  • The shifts in energy on this plane at this time.
  • The manipulative creation of ‘stranger danger’ with respect to aliens.
  • How to connect to higher frequencies of thought and inspiration.
  • The two ways to recreate a higher existence on a plane.
  • How Plato, Socrates, Tesla and Einstein accessed information and inspiration.
  • Why all this information is so important.
  • The huge gift of some of these existences.
  • Julius speak on moon’s and sun’s energies.
  • The significance of eclipses.
  • The perception of bridge consciousness in relation to realms and dimensions.
  • Beliefs that continue from religions into the spiritual sphere.

Julius expands on the topic with even more expansive questions:

  • Deeper information on accessing higher dimensional thought.
  • More insight into the differences in accessing realms and dimensions.
  • Fascinating information on ghosts, apparitions and realms.
  • The connection between seals of consciousness and dimensions.
  • Cities in oceans and under land.
  • The amazing phenomenon of blue, red moons and why it’s bigger sometimes.
  • The challenges of 1st and 2nd dimensional realms.
  • Deeper information on celestial beings.
  • When water is not of a high vibration.
  • More uplifting information on vortices.
  • Importance of mindfulness in existence.
  • How to master fear-based thoughts.
  • The definition of a plane.
  • Where you go after you exit the body in terms of realms and dimensions.
  • High consciousness beings in low-frequency existences.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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