This is a 3 part class with two teachings and a discussion.

In this 3 part workshop, Julius assists you in conjuring up your innermost blueprints and codes that you assigned yourself this time around.
What were your original intentions in being here in this life?  How do you get past all the artificial ingredients that have adhered themselves to you?  How to uncover false identities and hidden altered ego agendas?
When your whole identity has been about the human self, how to uncover deeper truths?  This can be almost impossible.
What does being a light being mean?….What aspect of Source are you being? What do you love about you and how can you love more about yourself?
What can you unleash about yourself that you’ve been completely unaware of?
Julius assists us on this deep dive into our own beingness.

In the first 2 modules of this extraordinary teachings, there are many Aha moments to set you free:

– An interesting insight into our emotions
– Where you start the excavation of self
– One very important choice we make before we take birth
– What is our authentic blueprint?
– How long the authentic blueprint remains in your life
– Why we find it difficult to remain true to our authentic blueprint
– How to know clearly that you are in reaction
– Some major aspects that keep us from our authentic blueprint
– An understanding of the consciousness on earth
– What keeps you moving in consciousness
– What happens at the point at which things start easing up for you
– How you know you have conquered an altered ego aspect of you
– A huge insight into what you feel is your only limitation
– When you stop having the fear of failure
– Deeper insights into anger
– Another strange form of resistance that comes up for us
– The higher truth about so-called contracts with others

This teaching is taken to the next level in the Q&A:

– How to be balanced on your conscious journey
– A key authentic blueprint that many may have
– Deep insight into controlled and controlling persons
– The refinement process of empathy
– Do you change your authentic blueprint?
– The truth about mastery
– Are human desires part of the authentic blueprint?
– The main cause of judgment
– How to resolve deep imprints of trauma
– The different ways we are impacted by lack of self-love
– A deeper insight into narcissists

– How to move away from patterned behavior of laziness
– Fabulous applications for excavation of self

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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