Extraterrestrials and Aliens- Where do you come from?

2-Part Course  with one lecture and one Q&A

This teaching is a great contribution to our ever widening information on who and what we are, what extraterrestrials and aliens are and how we all coexist. It is a teaching that covers fascinating aspects of our origins, what’s held in our DNA, the communication and connection we have with other beings.

This clear, expansive information from Julius clears away many misconceptions and confusing theories about extraterrestrials and aliens. Much of this information leads us to believe that they are our ancestors. What if we could identify traits within us that align with beings outside of our galaxy? Could we access their wisdom? Could we align with their intelligence? This course gives extraordinary information about our heritage and what makes us all source.

In the lecture, Julius unleashed clear, definitive and absolutely fascinating information:

  • The difference between extra-terrestrials and aliens.
  • Where each come from.
  • The secrets held within our DNA strands.
  • The truth that science will eventually discover.
  • A clear explanation of the pool of thought, consciousness, Source.
  • How extra-terrestrials, aliens and humans process thought.
  • The difference in experience when in physical and non-physical form.
  • How and when DNA and genetic patterns change.
  • Astonishing truths about abductions by aliens.
  • More intriguing information about DNA, genetic patterns, kundalini energy.
  • How memories pass down generations.
  • The homing device within us.
  • The huge difference between facts and knowing.
  • The space from which we can access other galaxies and universes.

Julius gives more expansive information on:

  • The truths about the ringing in your ears.
  • The daily life of ETs and aliens.
  • Councils on earth and in other existences.
  • The difference between councils and collective wisdom.
  • The vast differences in beings on a planet.
  • A most interesting fact about time travel and how it is done.
  • How our planet is helped by ETs, aliens and circumstantial beings.
  • What we are experiencing in moments of déjà vu.
  • Much more fascinating information on kundalini energy.
  • The truth about our origins.
  • The levels of consciousness Blue Evians exist in.
  • Levels of consciousness and physical existence.