This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion

This is such an awesome subject that will slam dunk you into a new vantage point of self.  This course is one that at a fundamental level supports your understanding of being Source.

In the lecture, Julius gives us awesome information about the body:

– The role of your body in the manifestation process
– Does the predetermined blueprint remain throughout life?
– The deeper truths behind injuries in the body
– How to permanently move beyond injury
– Most fascinating information about your body in other lives
– The amazing changes we can bring about in our bodies
– Why we view ourselves and others the way we do
– The ways your body helps you on your conscious journey
– One huge factor that contributes to real progress on your conscious journey
– The glitches in your hologram
– The coolest thing about this physical experience
– What you can do with your body in higher levels of consciousness

This Q&A gives more interesting, hidden information:
– Human beings and their self-esteem
– What goes into the decision to have a particular physical body
– The many ways that clearing your body helps you
– Your progression through consciousness from lower to higher
– The significance of birth marks
– The fascinating white-room game
– How to decipher what the body is telling us
– Blue body healing and underlying emotions
– The biggest derailing component for a child
– The information the iris of the eye and kundalini energy holds
– Why the body can be more comfortable for some and not others
– How trauma manifests later in life
– The connection between time and triggers for injury or disease
– Great place to start the deciphering and healing of hidden emotional issues
– What clumsiness can be an indication of
– Balancing male and female energies

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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