3-Part Course with 2 lectures and a Q&A.

Have you heard the theory that this world is an illusion? How deep and how far does the illusion go? What are the limitations of the hologram? How far can our hologram be expanded? As the creator of the all, are we ever limited by that which we have created?

“Even the perception that a hologram has limitation puts limitation within the hologram itself. What then is creating the limitation?” ~Julius

This teaching is phenomenal, mind-opening and gives you access to information known to only a few. Knowing that this world is an illusion, a hologram takes an open mind and a desire to know the depths of our complex existence on a physical plane. This teaching is not only about this holographic existence, it is about you, your hugely multifaceted being and how to use this advanced knowledge to take you much further on your spiritual journey. It opens up a panoramic vista of yet another level of knowing ourselves and this physical playground that has so much to offer as we peel away the layers of deeply embedded limited thought.

In the lectures, Julius reveals deep, deep knowledge that has been withheld from us for so long:

  • What is illusion and what is real?
  • What the hologram is designed for.
  • What the earth plane offers us on our conscious journey.
  • How to change your life in a moment.
  • How one man saw the illusion and created the fantasy.
  • How the hologram is created.
  • The two core fears of human beings.
  • How human perception plays into the illusion.
  • The absolutely amazing truth of the physical world – the opposite of what we think.
  • What happens when you know this truth.
  • The ways to begin perceiving the hologram.
  • The proof of the hologram we ignore.
  • How this physical plane is a hologram.
  • The hologram and you.
  • The huge insight that you get through understanding the existence of the hologram.
  • The understanding that leads to knowing that all is true.
  • What leads to the natural flow of compassion.
  • Sympathy and compassion within the context of the hologram.
  • How you know yourself as a soul.
  • The massive benefit the hologram of this earth provides for our conscious journey.
  • Why there is pain and suffering on this realm.
  • The great secret that leads to harmony and growth in relationships.
  • What moves you so powerfully into love.
  • How the hologram helps you with awareness, validation and appreciation.
  • How to master this realm with this information.
  • What we are doing here, our life purpose.
  • Can we ever make a wrong choice?
  • When and how our fractal changes.
  • The amazing way your multifaceted being is revealed by others.
  • Are realms and dimensions holograms?

Julius expands further on this most expansive subject:

  • The perception of fear-based events and how they are prevented at times.
  • The great work you can do for the all.
  • What Source is doing on the physical realm.
  • Mirror consciousness of a fractal.
  • The massive responsibility of your thought processes explained.
  • Igniting various parts of the brain.
  • How karma is based on only one fractal.
  • The higher truth about dreams and the awakened state.
  • Where the sense of aloneness and isolation comes from and when it disappears.
  • The astonishing truth behind your multifaceted being.
  • One of the clearest ways we allow others to hold us back.
  • Dark matter in relation to the hologram.
  • Insight about gravity on earth.
  • Perception of others, versions, fractals of yourself.
  • Time in a hologram.
  • The unknown truth that Einstein was trying to prove.
  • What fractals are in this context.

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