What Does It Mean To Be Multi-Dimensional?

This 3-part course has 2 lectures and 1 discussion.

This teaching is a magnificent representation of how the energy in Julius’ words creates shifts even as they speak. In their continuous endeavor to shift our perspective from viewing ourselves as only human beings to something vastly more and glorious, this truly riveting course forms an important stepping stone towards that deeper level of knowing.

Most of us come to know that we are multi-dimensional forms of energy, multi-faceted beings, multi-level consciousness souls. What does this mean exactly? We’re not too sure because the complexity of these theories sometimes lead us into confusion. Julius brings clarity to our experiences beyond this reality. Other thoughts, other light, other experiences that are expanding us simultaneously as our experiences here are. How can we know all that we are doing and how much progress we are making?

This conversation continues to deepen our understanding of thought consciousness and light. Included in this discussion are out- of body experiences, hypnotic states and transcendental states.

In the first lecture, Julius takes us deep into our being and our experience:

  • A clear explanation of dimensional states, realms, stages of consciousness.
  • The area of realm existence on earth.
  • What is there in the seemingly empty space around us?
  • What helps us move through our levels of consciousness.
  • Our multifaceted being within just the third dimension.
  • One of the perks of being human.
  • Just why we choose the earth as a platform of experience.
  • The hidden value of the hypnotic state.
  • The great difference between brainwashing and hypnotism.
  • The dimensions you can access through consciousness.
  • Learning the incredible vastness of being.
  • How to access transcendental states.
  • What shows us how multidimensional we are and how we can access multi dimensions of our being.
  • More detailed information on dimensions and realms.
  • What makes a realm.
  • The great difference between being multidimensional and mass-dimensional.
  • The tremendous impact of sound.
  • The connection between your brain activity and density.
  • The truth about this third dimension shifting into the fifth dimension.
  • How dimensional beings move in and out of dimensions.
  • The dimension ghosts and apparitions live in.
  • The fascinating ability to move between the dimensions.
  • What predictions really are and what you can do about them.
  • The amazing abilities you develop as you raise your consciousness.

Julius makes this course even more extraordinary with these insights:

  • Explaining the fear and love reality that exists around us.
  • At what point does a dimension become a realm?
  • How this earth will ascend.
  • Fascinating details about the shift in consciousness on earth.
  • The importance of the seat of your soul.
  • What happens to people cut off from the fear-based onslaught of thought.
  • What schizophrenic people are experiencing and how to help them.
  • The riveting truth about the processing of thought with emotion.
  • The energy of apparitions and the places they exist in.
  • When the distraction of fear ceases for you.
  • Does evil really exist?
  • Truly interesting facts about the layers of oceans and what goes on within them.
  • How to connect with other beings as well as certain techniques to help you.
  • The difference between expansion of thought and relaunching of thought.
  • What is trauma?
  • Surprising insight into where some people find resolution to their earth-based issues.
  • Cool information about colors and dimensions.
  • Julius’ loving advice for the times when life is difficult, stressful, challenging.

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