Healing Separation Anxiety – From Self



This is a 3 part class with 2 lectures and a discussion.

December 17, 18 and 20, 2019

This tremendously important teaching is about the fundamental core issue of separation from self that imprisons us, blocks our progress, puts up obstacles at almost every turn of life and continues the reincarnation process. This teaching goes far deeper and is more expansive than we think. It has an extended powerful activation/energy process in the second module to initiate the healing of this deep chasm.

Living separate from one’s self creates a life full of limitation, pain, suffering and limitations.  Separation anxiety is an energy of resistance that can actually prevent connectivity of one’s self.  Fear of one’s self, judgement of one’s self, judgement of other selves, is a cycle that humans insist on becoming part of when throwing themselves into the physical.
Steps taken to overcome, understand and expand from this limitation can provide healing in you emotionally in all depths and capacities.
Join Julius for this effective and profound teaching to assist on transforming your lives and journey.

Julius goes deep into this core issue in the lectures:

  • The common causes of separation anxiety and abandonment
  • The deepest truth about separation anxiety and when it starts for us
  • Deep insights into the experience of new-born babies
  • Why and how there is renewed activation of fear-based DNA codes
  • The way the masses are controlled on earth
  • The triggers of fear and addictions
  • What heals fear and makes all therapies effective on a permanent basis
  • Differences between the newborns of humans and other species on earth
  • When the soul may choose to enter the fetus and its outcome
  • What happens in the case of a spiritually aware mother
  • Why children have fear of the dark
  • When the body eats itself
  • A very fascinating truth about ‘imagination’
  • How and when do we completely heal this fundamental anxiety
  • A clear insight into the underlying components of stress in everyday life
  • The number one killer of relationships
  • A brilliant analogy of the hammer and nail in the context of lack of money
  • What is the conscious journey?
  • An extended, very powerful energy process to heal the wounds we have carried from lifetime to lifetime
  • Gaining the capacity to make changes in your life
  • Getting into that state of being that releases all limitation
  • A very disciplined practice that pay rich dividends