This is a 3 part class with 2 lectures and a discussion.

Living separate from one’s self creates a life full of limitation, pain, suffering and limitations.  Separation anxiety is an energy of resistance that can actually prevent connectivity of one’s self.  Fear of one’s self, judgement of one’s self, judgement of other selves, is a cycle that humans insist on becoming part of when throwing themselves into the physical.
Steps taken to overcome, understand and expand from this limitation can provide healing in you emotionally in all depths and capacities.
Join Julius for this effective and profound teaching to assist on transforming your lives and journey.
In the first 2 modules, Julius gives you a deep understanding of one of our most complex issues:
  • Separation anxiety as known in the world
  • When separation anxiety actually begins
  • The crux of the fundamental cause of separation anxiety
  • The cascading effect of this anxiety through your life
  • Insights into the infancy of the human experience
  • What allays this fear from birth
  • The first practice for healing separation anxiety
  • The ‘why’ of the reincarnation cycle
  • Limitation in the 3 priorities of the human experience
  • How the cause of separation anxiety starts dissipating
  • A big Aha moment about fears and underlying fears
  • A beautiful, deeply moving energy process by Julius to dissolve separation anxiety
  • The fundamental practices of resolving this core issue

The Q&A takes a deeper dive into this main issue of being human:

  • Why the depression and anxiety in the young these days
  • Why addictions in some and not others in the same level of consciousness
  • Victimhood and aging energy in infants
  • Activation of two types of DNA
  • Issues of low self-worth and confidence
  • Refining our perspective to be Source
  • Understanding the issue of abandonment more deeply
  • Guidance on past life readings and the facilitators
Foundation Workshops: