What happens when you die? The great mystery surrounding this topic has made it a dreaded subject for most.

Julius has always stated that you never end, never die. You shed your costume, the physical body and step into another experience. But what experiences do you have after you die and in between lives?

In this 5-part groundbreaking, expansive teaching, Julius gives detailed information of the 7 planes, or ‘heavens’ as some call them, and what defines the choice you make to experience another existence.

No one has ever offered such detailed information before. This is the after-death experience demystified, the clarity and understanding that is provided will dispel one of the greatest fears known to humans.

Fear is what ages us, it erodes the body. It is what causes resistance in our lives.

Set yourself free from this fear and experience how your life changes, your body rejuvenates, and you come closer to being the light being that you really are.

We will reveal information on how to experience continuity of thought without distraction. If you thought Entering Into The Void was a mindblowing experience, this will expand your thinking even further and open up NEW discussions on what being a Light Being is truly about.


A thorough understanding of The Seven Seals of Consciousness is recommended to gain the maximum benefit from this course. If you have purchased the Seven Seals of Consciousness teaching, we recommend you review the modules prior to listening to these teachings.

As you listen to the course, we also recommend you take notes and document your dreams. You may want to start with the meditation to access truly amazing dreams.

Meditation:  This is a meditation to open your mind to gain impressions of some of these realms.  As you follow this guided meditation by Julius, be prepared for some amazing experiences. Do this meditation as often as you like and gather deeper impressions.

There is a detailed description of each of the 7 ‘heavens’ or planes. and more important information is included.

Get this amazing information from Julius: 

  • What this realm was meant to be for us.
  • What your consciousness is.
  • Why there is no such thing as death.
  • About the plane that holds the greatest span of opportunity for our souls.
  • About the reincarnation process and time.
  • What happens immediately after you die.
  • About the sleeping plane.
  • ‘Do you wish to stay?’
  • Do children have the same death experience as adults?
  • When animals pass on.
  • About the plane of demonstration that helps you know you are Source.
  • What decides your ongoing experience.
  • The impact of sound on us.
  • About free will and decisions.
  • Experiencing alternative realities.
  • A deeper understanding of compassion.
  • Circumstantial beings and runners on realms.
  • About compulsive thoughts in the manifestation process.
  • About the body.
  • About the benefits of sound, color and movement.
  • The definition of expansion.
  • The astral plane as defined by Julius.


  • This teaching is an expansion on the Lives Between Realms class.
  • The lectures in this teaching will be much longer than usual as there is a lot of information to be shared.
  • This teaching will be the launchpad for other advanced classes.

……in holding that knowing not only will you be able to conquer all of your fears about the physical experience but you will also be able to predominate all of your fears about the illusionary death experience by accepting and holding the truth of love, which is that you will always exist.” ~ Julius