In this teaching, Julius highlights the importance of knowing how you are processing thoughts. Every thought has the possibility of being viewed and accepted through a fear-based or a love-based perspective.  And your life demonstrates this perspective to you.

When you align with your soul, you are processing thought from an expansive state of love, in which all possibilities exist. The logical mind processes thought from the limited perspective of fear.

And your manifestation takes flight or repeats limited experiences accordingly.

Learn how to align with your soul to access joy and bliss and experience fulfillment in every sphere of your life.

Julius guides you to a greater understanding of yourself:

  • The difference between the soul and the altered ego.
  • What is spirit and what is the soul?
  • Why did we come to the physical plane?
  • Why did fear, panic and lack of love set in?
  • The conflict between the brain and the soul.
  • The interaction between the pituitary gland and pineal gland.
  • About the electrical stimulation of thoughts.
  • About processing emotions from the soul and from the altered ego.
  • What your command to the universe is.
  • How to align with the soul.

More to know:

  • The output of the earth and it’s requirement.
  • What the altered ego is a tool for.
  • The 10 commitments.
  • The reasons why souls exit this reality; in the form of death as a human.
  • What is awareness?
  • Fascinating information about accessing memories of this life, and other lives.
  • The now famous analogy of grains of sand.
  • An explanation of déjà vu, coincidence, and what do they do for you.
  • What to practice amidst distraction, and how to practice it.
  • About perspective of the altered ego and your soul.

Your soul processes an emotion based on the Now, all possibility without influence, without any, any distraction of previous or next. Your soul processes a thought in magic, in imagination, uninfluenced, unencumbered.” ~ Julius

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