This is one of the most clear, detailed teachings about the vastness and magnificence of you.

Knowing oneself as Source is a most difficult truth for most human beings to accept. Yet it is the fundamental truth of who we really are.

This teaching takes you from the understanding that you are Source, to the acceptance that you are.

Allow Julius to remind you of the true essence of your being – you will remember the truth of who you really are because it is you, it is not something new that you are learning. Therefore, it is not a difficult truth to embrace.

Every human being will come to this acceptance at some time in their existence. It is a journey each will make, no one can make it for them because each has the free will to be anything they want to be – a being perceiving itself only as human or a light being knowing itself as Source.

If you make the choice to learn more about who you really are, this 2-part teaching will lead you into unlimited possibilities, joy and fulfillment.

It will transform you and everything in your life.

Julius explains:

  • What is Source – a detailed explanation.
  • Emotions and the soul.
  • What you are not.
  • The free will component.
  • What God is.
  • The creator of your experience.
  • About emotion and light.
  • What created your dissatisfaction or fulfilment.
  • What you really accumulate in life.
  • Very helpful visualizations, games and practices.
  • Helping your children and partner with emotions.

And there is so much more:

  • What your soul wants to experience.
  • The impact of Feng Shui.
  • Information on judgment.
  • When you are not in a physical body.
  • You and intuition.
  • What is the past?
  • How to manage distraction.
  • What is snobbishness and arrogance?
  • The role of sleep.
  • About thoughts and limitations in life.
  • Do your thoughts affects others?
  • About allowing.
  • What everything on this physical plane is.

The journey to enlightenment is awakening you from the darkness of an ignorant state of not remembering yourself as Source.” ~ Julius

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