Sometimes you look out of your window and wonder if you will ever be something more.

Sometimes you get so bogged down by the pain of having loved and lost.

Sometimes you try and try and try to be what you think others want you to be but it is never good enough.

Sometimes you just want the never-ending situation to end. When is it going to eeennnnndddd?

Sometimes you want to drop everything and leave. Go to another place and start anew, reinvent yourself, start new relationships. Or just let the quiet and peace of the place seep deep into your being.

Sometimes you just want to matter. 

Sometimes it’s so difficult to forgive and forget. You want to do the ‘right’ thing but your heart’s not in it.

Sometimes the pain in a stranger’s eyes or the agony of an animal rips you apart.

Sometimes you try so hard to slam the brakes on a rapidly deteriorating relationship, disease or financial crisis. Yet the brakes fail.

Sometimes you feel so alone while standing in a crowd. Where is my tribe, even one other who will love me, accept me as I am, enjoy all the quirks of my nature? For whom I would happily do the same.

Some of these ‘sometimes’ are not yours but you feel them. We are all connected and even the pain of strangers is felt by all of us at a deep level.

“You are connected to every other soul in existence.” ~ Julius

Inspiration comes. The silent cries for help never go unanswered. Are you actively looking out for the signs that you are being heard and helped? When you start on the most important, wondrous journey of self-discovery and unwrap the gift of yourself, you not only light up your life. You also lighten the burden of ‘sometimes’ in others just by being you! May your tribe increase!

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