This is a 2 part class with one lecture and one discussion

Julius discusses how emotions come to use.  What activates our emotions?  What happens when we suppress our emotions?
Julius assists students to become aware of whether we truly allow our emotions, or stifle our emotions.   How do we allow some and not others?  How and why do we stifle some and not others?
Julius leads us to learn to use the energy of emotions to assist us, and not use the blocks of emotions to harm us.
Come discover again who you are through your emotions.

The discussion has deep insights into emotions, their importance and fabulous practices:

  • What passion is about
  • Deciphering between emotions from two different energy sources
  • Physical symptoms that give you clues to the types of emotions
  • The one powerful solution that never goes away
  • More insights into the journey through consciousness
  • Fascinating understandings about the sixth level of consciousness
  • Limited truths about emotions in the spiritual world
  • The missing links in the Law of Attraction
  • The true meaning and depth of the hyper state of consciousness
  • Exercises to go through when you are derailed by fear
  • The powerful ways you can help others

The Q&A had many helpful insights and practices:

  • Why is there pain and suffering?
  • The origin of altered ego emotions
  • How to move out of the continuous processing of fear-based emotions
  • Signs of emotional detachment
  • How to get to higher frequencies of love and joy
  • Moving out of mental clutter, insomnia and confusion
  • Insights into PTSD and the way out
  • Guidance for those coming out of addictions and depression
  • The difference between stifling and ignoring emotions
  • The most interesting fact about boredom
  • The originating force of suicide
  • The difference between bliss and joy
Foundation Workshops: