This is a 3-part teaching with 2 lectures and one Q&A
This teaching is of such primary importance for all human beings seeking to know themselves beyond their physical costume and identity that the words of its description may never truly convey its immense significance. As Julius says, this topic is not closed now or even over, they will continue to help us resolve it. Yet this beginning is fantastic, illuminating and relief-providing in its excellent guidance and wisdom. All who come to this teaching will definitely benefit in ways that may be incomprehensible to them. It is akin to lifting of shutters to let in the light.
We all struggle with issues of self empowerment.  Otherwise we would have mastered the realm and ascended by now. Self worth, shame, or perhaps even more complex viewing of self is our downfall and like all judgments when we don’t consider ourselves as enough, then we judge the very core components of Source itself. Not having or being enough may be our perspective.  If we carry this form of self-judgement, think and feel it each day, we project this energy and therefore attract this energy leading to a less than satisfying life, relationships and progress on the conscious journey.
Julius brings clarity to this subject, helping to project fullness and fullfilment in order to receive it. This discussion pushes the parameters of self discovery and leads to an immense freedom of inner being. This course is an advanced topic and teaching.  To facilitate deep shifts away from this state of being, please consider obtaining the additional guidance provided in the  Healing Shame and Unworthiness course.

In the lectures, Julius provides powerful ground-breaking information and guidance leading to resolution:

  • What the Universe does for us.
  • What is enough?
  • Origins of this massive issue in all human beings.
  • Missteps in parenting.
  • The foundation and imprints on which our lives are based.
  • Brad’s personal story in this context.
  • What compounds the issue and one solution.
  • Where resolution lies.
  • One of the biggest mistakes that human beings make.
  • The all-important perspective that leads to lack.
  • Replacing ‘enough’ with an amazing manifesting word and feeling.
  • Where entitlement comes from.
  • What atheists and scientists believe in.
  • The one answer to all issues.
  • The ultimate relief from pressure on self.
  • How this issue comes up for men and women.
  • How to recalibrate your thinking.
  • Deeper insights into collective creative energy.
  • The play of this energy in perception of self.
  • The clearing of a great misconception on how things play out on this energetic realm.
  • How this clarity leads to resolution.
  • How to know when you are making progress.
  • A huge insight into the validation we seek.
  • The beautiful system we set up for ourselves.
  • The massive movement to seemingly subtle changes.
  • Two things that happen when there is non-judgment about an issue.
  • The two magnets that are held in place when you get angry.
  • A number of amazing exercises for resolution of the main issue.
  • The clearest indicator of shifts within you.

So much more to absorb and expand through in the  Q&A:

  • Dealing with ‘not good enough’ as an empath.
  • More guidance on the company you keep.
  • The solution to being impacted by detrimental frequencies and sound waves.
  • How to deal with bullies.
  • Some insights into interpersonal relationships and what they do for us.
  • Where trouble sets in in relationships and how to avoid it.
  • How to push the accelerator on raising your consciousness.
  • The first decision that gets you moving on your conscious journey.
  • The most important thing you get to do first on this journey.
  • The connection between traumatic incidents and conscious creative collective thought.
  • The one issue all will face when you move consciously through life.
  • How to work on ourselves through hidden aspects.
  • Roots of ‘not good enough’.
  • The truth about prejudice.
  • Explanation of the whole aspect of pleasing others.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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