This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.
In this powerful workshop Julius will do a deep dive into self judgement and how every time you judge, you judge yourself.
This information will blow your mind as to how shame and unworthiness really works. Self judgement, shame, anger, hatred, intolerance, impatience and all the perspectives of low frequency thoughts are directed inward.
This workshop will help you become more disciplined and focused on your journey for sure…
In the first module, Julius gives us this crucial insight into the altered ego and judgment:
  • The value of the conscious journey
  • The biggest obstacle on this journey
  • How the altered ego came into existence
  • Understanding the deep truth about all judgment
  • How we dissolve or majorly rebuild the altered ego in every moment
  • Important and amazing insights into competition
  • Tough truths about programming
  • The most inverted truth about judgment
  • An astounding way the elite used to get the world population way down
  • The only way we progress
  • Your hazmat suit on physical realms
  • This important practice every moment of every day

Further invaluable insights into this topic in the Q&A:

  • Insights into justification in judgment
  • The many things that feed the altered ego
  • Release of the altered ego in the levels of consciousness
  • The true difference between compassion and sympathy
  • All that is held in the warehouse of the altered ego
  • The incredible depths and width of judgment
  • The disciplines of the conscious journey
  • One of the biggest problems of the programming imposed on us
  • What are the alternatives to the old systems of slavery and limitation?