This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Do you wonder how to feel the connection to things? Are you feeling the connection to things?
Can you increase or turn on these connections?
In this workshop, Julius will provide useful information for your natural gifts and how to nurture them. These practices and insights will assist you in activating formal gifts, and increase your refinement in these areas.
Julius gives more depth and fresh information on this topic:
  • Psychic and empathic abilities demonstrated in everyday life
  • Fascinating information about how souls ping each other
  • What further develops these abilities
  • A beautiful practice to dissolve the veils of separation
  • Super guidance on how to further develop these gifts
  • The greatest gifts we receive through these abilities
  • The most important practice for deeper connection
  • The difference between feelings and emotions
  • The blocks to furthering these gifts and how to remove them
  • Games you can play with others for clearer connection

Taking a deeper look at some very interesting concepts in the Q&A:

  • Special insights into the moon and its qualities
  • Some important things we don’t know about the sun
  • Is everyone an empath?
  • The true difference between happiness and joy
  • Linguistics and intuitive gifts
  • Caution in healing work with empathic ability
  • Better understanding of the connection with animals
  • The best protection against low-frequency energies
  • Omniscience as a spiritual gift
  • Using crystals with your gifts
  • The expansiveness of the versions of you
  • Are psychic abilities truth filters?
  • Connection between living and no longer living beings
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