This interactive virtual retreat will start January 17, 2020 and run through February 1, 2020.  If you cannot attend any of the live events, they will be available on replay for you.

This event consists of 6 teaching modules, 2 live activation sessions and 2 live question and answer sessions.

The 6 teaching modules are available in video, downloadable audio and downloadable transcript form.  The live activations and Q & A sessions will be available in video and downloadable audio.  The 6 teaching modules will be delivered 2 at a time over the course of the retreat so that you have time to work with and integrate the information, receive activations on the embodiments and participate in the question and answer sessions to most effectively receive this information and integrate it into your life. All of the details about the teaching modules, as well as dates, times and links for events are available on the retreat page.  You will receive log in information for the page when you purchase the retreat.  On your purchase receipt you will find a downloadable pdf with this information.

Bonus meditation if you order now:

This meditation will help clear and open your energy fields for this theory and information to allow for receivership and release the tendencies for resistance. It is recommended to do this meditation before beginning the retreat, and as you feel there is benefit throughout the retreat.

Comments from some of our participants so far:

“This retreat has definitely shook up my energy which is a good thing. I have already started making numerous changes in my life with what I do, eat, speak or believe…How can I ever thank you for having this effect on me?!! I am sooo grateful! “


“WOW WOW WOW that activation was absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!”


“First of all please accept my gratitude for this wonderful retreat. I truly appreciate this fabulous initiative which I may be have been craving for as I have constantly thinking and preparing myself for taking my alter ego full on. I honestly accept you guys helped me right into my uncomfortable zone and how to move from there.”


Thank you so much for this in-depth retreat. It has made me so much more aware and proactive in bringing in the new. I look forward to next moment and the next even when I’m not feeling exactly joyful.”

* * *

…the gains from these two retreats have been phenomenal – Thank you so much !!! I feel like I have waited my whole life for these teachings to come !!! 

  • Any part or all of the Awaken Higher Patterns Virtual Retreat can only inspire accessing the results within you. We cannot guarantee results.
  • No refunds are available on digital products
  • See our Terms and Medical Disclaimer.