This class originally sold for $119.  It has been lowered to $79.

This 3-part course is the phenomenal teaching to help you discover the god within. With its many Aha moments, it holds the promise of profound transformation. It is about you and you as the All.

 This  teaching will resonate deeply with all who are on their conscious journey – uplifting, inspiring and delivering them into a space of sustained high frequency.

 Learn about living life at the totally different level of altruism and in doing so, have that manifest all your desires more effectively and quickly. This powerful redirection in the manifestation process will make your experiences deeply fulfilling and magical.

Altruism is selfless concern for the well-being of others. Compassion is the deep understanding through alignment of energy exchange.
Has the human race become so selfish and self-centered as to destroy itself without concern for themselves and others?
Can a shift truly occur through Consciousness and connection?  What have we become, how do we overcome? What practices can truly reconfigure our experience and our future?

Through altruism, we manifest our desires for health, wealth and loving relationships in the SHORT-TERM, MID-TERM and LONG-TERM.


Julius takes you deep into your true nature:

  •  The big difference between altruism and compassion.
  • Actions of altruism versus just the thought intention of altruism.
  • Some myths about the manifestation process.
  • The clear, in-depth explanation of altruism – the big picture.
  • Altruistic desire and individualized perspective in daily life.
  • The high frequency of altruism.
  • Moving out of the energy of want and what it would mean for the all.
  • The interesting Star Trek example.
  • The only way the human race will move past destruction.
  • The altruistic approach in our lives to address issues.
  • How to resolve the issue of money through this approach.
  • When the Universe really smiles upon you.
  • The hand-in-hand process that benefits you.
  • How to heal the previous and move into more fulfilling experiences.
  • Living in the Now in this context.
  • Two examples illustrating the shift from previous experience into the possibility of Now.
  • An energetically powerful process to manifest money.
  • How altruism affects your physical health.
  • When seeming altruism does not heal.
  • The shining example of former President Jimmy Carter.
  • The reward of emotional healing.
  • An inspirational true story of a young person.
  • Healing of this planet.
  • The issue of abuse in selflessness.
  • In-depth explanation of healing relationships through altruism.
  • Two more powerful processes for health and relationships.

Much more information on altruistic practice:

  • How to hold the perspective of the collective amidst distraction.
  • Scientific findings about this hologram.
  • The wonderful, powerful practice to heal the past.
  • More practical guidance on using the rocket fuel of altruism in business.
  • Attracting the significant other through the altruistic approach.
  • The issue of doing things for free.
  • Einstein’s realizations on the spiritual.
  • The cosmic tumblers falling into place.
  • A brilliant example of altruism in everyday life.
  • Cause of anger and beautiful collective healing for it.
  • Navigating the big changes in life.
  • Control of the masses through reaction.
  • Knowing how to live from altruism versus victimhood.
  • The intention is supreme.




There are other courses that go deeper into specific topics and can support this course. The other courses are not essential and can be purchased before or after experiencing this course.

Supporting Courses:

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.