This was recorded in front of a live audience.  Product consists of 2 downloadable audio replays.

Love has a vibration.  The higher the frequency of love, the more possibilities it holds and the less fear and limitation.

Polarity exists in low frequency.  High frequency love energy does not judge.

Want to release fear and live a more joy filled life? In this workshop, Julius explains how fear erodes and love heals and how you can get yourself into that healing state and raise your love frequency to live from that state.

Module 1:

  • What source energy is
  • The various frequencies of you
  • Frequencies of average human beings and the earth
  • The definition of high-frequency thoughts
  • Important information on brain activation in human beings
  • Deep insights into frequencies of sound
  • What has been happening on earth by way of frequency
  • Understanding the secrets of kundalini energy
  • When permanent healing and higher intuitive gifts are accessed
  • How you get to enlightenment
  • Training, brainwashing and programming on earth

Module 2:

  • Fascinating information about some high-frequency monks and their bodies
  • Getting into tactical empowerment
  • What to do to get into higher frequencies
  • Amazing, uplifting practices for your day – in detail
  • Why is there struggle in life?
  • The essence of the conscious journey
  • Inspiring examples from participants
  • Julius gives a moving glimpse into their life with Brad in another lifetime
  • A powerful sound bath that unleashes high frequencies to assist your intention

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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